What are the Best Custom Window Treatments?

Our selection of blinds and shades seems so overwhelming at first! You can choose from horizontal blinds, cellular shades, bamboo shades, Roman shades, and so many more.

Then you can customize them with many features like:

•Cordless operation options
•No holes
•Weather resistance
•Room darkening/blackout

Wow, how exhausting! It’s hard to make a choice when you have so many decisions to make.

So to help you, we’ve compiled this list of some of our most popular blinds and shades, and their features. Once you see what other people like, then it’s easy to see what makes sense for your own home.

Some of Our Most Popular Blinds, Shades, and Features

Here they are, according to the number and strength of the reviews customers like you have given:

1. Deluxe Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up Cellular Shades
With more than 101 reviews and a 4 ½ (out of 5) star rating, these shades are far and away the most popular shade we offer. Their cordless feature makes them easy to operate and perfectly safe for homes with pets and children. Lower the top to let in light but maintain privacy or raise the bottom to open the shade completely. Customers love how simple they are to install – you can do that in just 5 minutes! And while all our blinds are affordable, these suit just about any budget well.

Deluxe Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

2. 2” Deluxe Faux Wood Blinds
With an astounding 282 reviews and a 4 ½ (out of 5) star rating, our faux wood blinds mesmerize many customers just like you. Just like our other blinds, they’re a cinch to install.
Reviewer “Drubino71” thinks they’re a “hit” because they’re better than vinyl blinds, and cost much less than anything comparable at Lowes or Home Depot. They have a great appearance that mimics real wood, and the durability and resistance to moisture that real wood does not have.
They also fit literally any budget, as their one of our most affordably priced options.
Plus, they’re easy to clean!

Top Feature Premium Light Filtering Double Cellular Honeycomb Shades

3. Top Feature: Premium Light Filtering Double Cellular (Honeycomb) Shades
With more than 92 reviews and a 4 ½ star (out of 5) rating, these shades make many customers happy.
What’s so great about them?

They’re awesome for insulating your home (they have an R-value of 4.6), and they block 99% of all UV light that attempts to enter! Like all other shades and blinds we sell, they’re a snap to install.

Customers adore their beautiful, non-woven, 100% polyester fabric appearance. No visible cord holes ensure maximum privacy. During the day, they tuck up nicely so you can get the view you want. They also fully comply with CPSC child safety standards – making them completely safe for your pets and children.

Premium Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades 603

Those are some of our most popular blinds and shades – which of them works best for your individual needs?