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What is a Vertical Blind?

The term “Vertical Blind” refers to a blind that can be adjusted on a horizontal access. The term “vertical” refers to the vertically hanging slats. Traditional window treatments, such as shutters or mini blinds, have horizontal slats. Since these vertical slats usually hang from a single point and can be adjusted to move from side to side, a vertical blind is best suited for very large windows and sliding glass doors. These blinds are available in a variety of textures, styles, and colors and are usually made from PVC or some type of fabric.

Vertical Blind: A Perfect Choice for a Large Window or Sliding Glass Door

Because of their design, a vertical blind is great for large windows and curved surfaces. Vertical blinds are perfect for bay windows and other shaped features where flat, horizontal blinds cannot be used. Although most people assume all vertical blinds come with opaque slats, there are hundreds of options including translucent fabrics. These styles range in their ability to control light, and some vertical blinds can effectively darken rooms when fully closed.

Much like their horizontal cousins, vertical blinds can be fully drawn to one side, allowing full light exposure, or can be shut and adjusted to optimum light or privacy levels. A vertical blind is simple to manipulate, usually requiring a simple pull or push of a wand or cord. Rotating the blades is just as easy.

When choosing a slat or blade construction for a vertical blind, be aware that vinyl and wood blades can be quite noisy when opening or closing the blinds. Fabric or composite vertical blinds are less distracting, but still provide the same quality of light control and privacy. When opening your blinds, keep louvers (the joints by which each blade hangs) open so that each blade hangs perpendicular with the window. This helps prevent unnecessary wear on the cords and blades.

Vertical Blinds with Fabric Vanes

Vertical blinds come in a variety of textures and compositions. Fabric vanes are less noisy than other materials and come in a variety of light-permeable or opaque designs. Fabric tends to add a softer touch to the decor and textured blades can accent existing furniture.

Fabric blades for a vertical blind are available as either free-hanging fabric or as a covering to a PVC core.

  • Free-hanging fabric – these blades are not as stiff and rigid as those with a PVC center, but do provide the option of filtering light when the vertical blinds are closed. Translucent fabrics provide complete privacy when fully closed yet still allow light to enter the room. These translucent vertical blinds will also filter incoming UV light. All free-hanging fabric blades are weighted at the bottom to keep them straight and functional.
  • PVC cores– Also called “groover inserts”, these fabric blades consist of PVC blades covered in the fabric of your choice. They are soft on the eyes and ears, but provide the same light control as traditional vinyl blinds.

Vertical Blind Vane Size

The most commonly used vertical blind vane width is the wider, 3-1/2″ vane. These provide maximum light control since there are fewer vanes to block light when they are fully opened. They also take up less window space when the blinds are pulled off to one side.

  • Fabric or Traditional Vertical Blind – If you are choosing fabric, keep in mind the differences between free-hanging and groover insert vanes. This will depend on your light and aesthetic needs. Traditional vinyl will always be opaque and generally create more noise.
  • Control options – You can either choose to control your blinds with a wand or chain and cord depending on your use and aesthetic needs.
  • Fabric, color, and valance – Vertical blinds come in a variety of colors, textures, fabrics, and valance styles.

Free Vertical Blind Samples Make Your Choice Easy . . .

In summary, a vertical blind is available in a range of sizes not available in horizontal window coverings, making them ideal for sliding glass doors and large windows. Vertical window blinds are well suited for both casual and formal decor. Available with smooth and embossed PVC, fabric, and faux wood vanes, in a wide array of colors and textures, vertical blinds are ideal for any style from retro to modern.

It can be really difficult to visualize the textures, colors and fabrics of various window blinds and shades. Blindster removes the selection guesswork by offering free samples of vertical blinds, as well as all other window treatments. This can help you in coordinating the overall look of each room, to make sure that the linens, carpet, paint and other elements work together for just the look you want. Be sure to hold the sample up to the window to evaluate the level of privacy it provides.