Vertical Blinds Control Options & Other Variables

Control Options Offer Convenience & Safety for Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical window blinds operate using a series of vertical vanes sliding and rotating along a horizontal bar mounted at the top of your door or window. In order to control the opening, closing, and tilt of the vanes, vertical blinds offer a few options that give you flexibility in function, safety, and aesthetics.

Vertical blinds control options include:

  • Conventional Cord Control
  • Wand Control – Wands are effective at minimizing risks since they allow you to open, close, and tilt the vanes by manually pulling the vanes along their headrail using a single short wand. Both of these options eliminate any dangling strings or pools of cords that pose a risk to young children or pets.

Wand controls are one way to manually control your vertical window blinds but there are other types of vertical blinds that are strictly manually operated. By relying on strictly manual manipulation, vertical window blinds are a great option for homes with small children, pets, or homeowners that prefer a sleek, modern look to their blinds. Learn more about child safe blinds.

Fabric vertical window blinds also come in a wide range of colors and textures that will match any style. Whether you are looking for darker, simple fabric vanes or lighter vanes, keep in mind that vertical window blind controls are often located at one end of the mounted bar and allow you to manipulate the opening, closing and tilt of the vanes from a single location.

Also remember that your vanes should be tilted perpendicular to the window and parallel to each other prior to fully opening your vertical window blinds in order to minimize unnecessary wear on the vanes. If the louvers (tilt controls) are fully opened before pulling the blinds to one side, you reduce friction between the vanes and extend the life of your vertical window blinds.

Free Vertical Window Blinds Samples Make Your Choice Easy . . .

It can be really difficult to visualize the textures, colors and fabrics of various vertical window blinds and shades. Blindster removes the selection guesswork by offering free samples of vertical blinds, as well as all other window treatments. This can help you in coordinating the overall look of each room, to make sure that the linens, carpet, paint and other elements work together for just the look you want. Be sure to hold the sample up to the window to evaluate the level of privacy it provides.

Why Made-to-Measure Custom Vertical Window Blinds?

Blindster vertical window blinds are custom made to your window or door measurements and specifications so they will fit properly and function as desired. Our window treatments are constructed with quality materials and come in a wide range of colors, styles and options. Premium materials and quality production ensure years of service from Blindster blinds and shades.

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