Durability & Ease of Care

Faux Blinds – Look Like Real Wood Blinds

Faux blinds (also known as faux wood or fake wood) are designed to look and feel like real wood blinds while providing greater moisture resistance and durability while saving you money. Although faux binds are generally heavier than traditional wood blinds they are easier to clean and maintain than their natural alternatives.

Maintenance and Durability

Because of their composition, faux wood blinds resist warping and are best suited for areas with high humidity. This same composition also makes them resist stains and dirt, making it easier for you to keep these blinds clean and looking great for years. As a result, faux blinds do not need special care or attention and can be wiped clean without the fear of warping. See Bathroom Window Treatments.

Perfect for Kid’s Rooms

Faux blinds are also stronger than wood blinds and can withstand high traffic areas, making them a good choice as a window treatment for kids rooms, game room or living room. Natural fibers break down over time without proper care.

Faux blinds are heavier and stronger than wood and can withstand the bumps and shifts that occur in busy homes. These blinds also resist fading and are sturdy enough to resist cracks and bends that can result from frequent use.

Cleaning is a Breeze

Cleaning your faux blinds is easy, too. Most of the time you can wipe them down with a cloth or rag. If you decide on purchasing extruded PVC faux blinds, you can use mild soap and filter water to clean them, too. Always read the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to best clean your faux blinds since some stains and finishes react to specific types of cleaners.

By combining the right, faux blinds can give you the perfect, durable, less expensive alternative to traditional wooden window treatments for any decor.

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