The Affordable Alternative for Wood Blinds

Get the look, feel & function of Real Wood with Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds present a unique alternative to traditional wood blinds. In general, most faux wood blinds are less expensive than wood blinds, making them an attractive choice for the budget-minded. Faux wood slats can be made of a variety of blended materials that resist warping and are easy to clean. Because they look and feel like real wood, however, faux wood blinds easily blend in with most decor and come in a wide variety of colors. These unique blinds give you the feel of classic wood blinds and shutters without the maintenance issues commonly associated with traditional wood.

When choosing between wood vs faux wood blinds consider, like their wood alternatives, faux wood blinds come in a wide range of slat widths and colors. Slats can range in width from one to 2-1/2 inches depending on your privacy, light and style needs. Also, faux wood blinds come in a variety of colors that allow you to customize your window treatments to meet your individual needs.

Slat Widths for Different Looks and Light Control offers faux wood blinds in the same range of slat widths as traditional wood blinds: 1″, 2″ and 2-1/2 inch slats. Most faux wood blinds come with small rout holes through which the cords thread on either end of the slats. These holes can let in small amounts of light that can cause glare on computer and television screens. Greater light control can be accomplished by choosing routless, and other options, for your faux wood blinds.

Available Faux Wood Blinds options include:

  • Routless faux wood blinds thread the cords through the edges of the slats rather than the middle, decreasing the points of light that escape through closed blinds.
  • Cloth Tapes – This option is available on faux wood blinds with slat widths of 2″. In these models, elegant cloth accent tapes are added to the blinds to cover the cord holes. These not only prevent light from entering through closed blinds, they can also add a clean, sleek look to window treatments.

There are two main types of Faux Wood Blinds:

  • PVC Faux Wood Blinds– These blinds are very heavy and difficult to lift, generally weighing twice as much as comparable hardwood blinds. Although faux wood blinds don’t warp, they do require more ladders and strings to support their weight.
  • Composite Faux Wood Blinds– These blinds combine PVC and wood pulp to provide lighter shades that resist warping. Although these shades are still 60% heavier than hardwood alternatives, they resist humidity and are extremely durable. Like the PVC faux wood blinds, Composite blinds require more ladders and strings than hardwood which can sometimes obstruct the view.

Wood vs Faux Wood Blinds – Weigh Your Options

Faux wood blinds have the look of real wood but cost less than traditional wood blinds. Unlike wood, these blinds do not warp or crack with changes in moisture and are therefore recommended for areas or rooms with high levels of humidity and moisture – particularly where water collects. Keep in mind that discount faux wood blinds come in a variety of color selections reserved for traditional wood blinds.

Faux wood blinds are also 60% to 100% heavier than real wood blinds despite having the same size slats. This means that faux wood blinds take more energy to raise and lower and require more cords to keep them level. They do, however, provide the same degree of light control as traditional wood.

Faux wood blinds with 2-1/2 inch wide slats generally provide clearer views than their 2″ wide counterparts when they are open, since fewer slats are required, they weigh less and take up less space when drawn up. Faux wood blinds with 2″ width slats tend to be the most popular since they combine the look of thicker slats with the smaller footprint of narrower blinds.

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