Blindster Custom Aluminum Mini Blinds

Style & color to match any décor, priced for any window covering budget!

Aluminum mini blinds are the most classic type of mini blinds on the market today. Their clean-lined design and color assortment will complement virtually any room in the home. For those searching for practical window treatments at affordable prices, mini blinds are a perfect solution. Colors can be chosen to complement or contrast home furnishings, allowing the blinds to bring a room together without overpowering it.


Pick the Aluminum Mini blind Size & Options to Suit Your Needs

In addition to a wide variety of colors, Blindster offers 1″ and 2″ slat horizontal blinds, with the 1″ size also available in privacy and cordless versions. The difference in window covering slat size is somewhat personal taste, with the larger slat size offering a wider, shutter-style view to the outside when open. Except for the cordless version, our mini blinds offer wands for tilt and cords for lifting.


Window Coverings for Privacy: Aluminum mini blinds in general provide excellent privacy. You can lower the entire stack of slats to cover the entire window and adjust the slats so they are tiled shut. Mini blinds offer medium room darkening with the slats fully closed. For bedrooms where even more light control is often needed, we offer a 1″ Privacy Aluminum Blind with disappearing cord holes. In addition our 2″ Aluminum Blinds offer cloth tape ladder options that are both decorative and offer privacy by covering the route holes.


Cordless Aluminum Miniblinds: Cordless offers easy up and down operation and is an important safety consideration for homes with small children or pets.


Mini blind Slat Sizes & Color Options: Depending on your window blind selection, widths range from 9 to 120 inches; heights vary from 12 to 120 inches. The narrow and tall dimensions of our mini blinds make them ideal for both windows and doors. Color options range from 4 for our 1″ Privacy Aluminium Blind to 32 for the 1″ Aluminum Blinds.


Cloth Tapes: are a decorative option available on our 2″ Aluminum Blinds. The tape ladders replace the standard braided cord ladders and are available in a variety of colors that enhance the style and soften the look. Cloth tapes also increase privacy and light control by covering the route holes.


Blindster makes it easy for you to save time, gas & money on window coverings.

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