The 4 Best Ways to Use Your Top Down/Bottom Up Shades

How exciting!

You’re shopping for new blinds and shades, and you’re thinking about getting these interesting top down/bottom up window shades. After all they’re:

• Safe because they often have a cordless option
• Easy to lift up and push down to exactly where you want
• Great for controlling light levels
• Awesome at protecting your privacy

But since they’re unique, you wonder about some different ways you can use them in your home.

Well, here are some ideas:

1. If You Have Top Down Windows

You don’t see this kind of window all that often, but they are around.
Do you want to open them regularly and let the breeze flow through your home?
Regular horizontal blinds block part of the breeze and don’t give you nearly the same privacy. With top down/bottom up shades, you can easily push them down to allow air to flow through.

2. Rooms Where Your Privacy is Very Important

This could mean basically any ground floor room in your home. Depending on the option, some of these shades block up to 99% of all UV light.
All top down bottom up shades give you substantial privacy, but still allow plenty of light into your room when you need it. Simply push the top down, and keep the bottom down too.
Bedrooms and bathrooms are particularly good places for top down/bottom up window shades.

3. When You Need to Have Safety for Your Children

You can buy top down/bottom up shades in a cordless option (you can buy them with cords too if that’s what you want). If you have kids, this gives you an extra added layer of safety by eliminating all the cords.
At Blindster, they’re also affordably priced, so you get peace of mind knowing your kids are safe without breaking the bank.

4. If Your Room Needs a Little Style Too

The style you get depends on where you buy your shades. At Blindster, you can get top down/bottom up shades in a wide array of colors and styles. Styles like single cell honeycomb shades, double cell honeycomb shades, fabric roman shades, bamboo woven wood shades, and pleated shades are available. Some of our shades come with this feature automatically but many of the premium offerings on our website also offer the top down/bottom up feature as an add-on option.

They’ll look great in your bedroom, living room, office, dining room, and kitchen too!

Here are some of the most popular top down/bottom up options at Blindster:

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