Window Covering Color Trends for 2018

If you’re in the market for new window coverings, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is the color of your new blinds or shades. Popular colors for home décor can change from year to year, but buying a specific color in 2018 doesn’t mean the appearance of your window treatments will be out of date next year. However, it may make it easier to find matching furniture, decorative pieces, and paint, as colors tend to become fashionable at the same time.

At Blindster, we’re proud to offer a huge selection of colors and patterns on our blinds and shades. Many of our products are available in dozens of colors, making it easy for you to get window treatments that perfectly complement your home’s color scheme and satisfy your tastes and style choices.

Whether you’re outfitting a new home with window coverings or replacing your existing blinds and shades, check out the top color trends for 2018 and the best window treatments available in those colors:



This greyish-green color is neutral enough to match almost any décor style, but bold and bright enough to make a statement in any room. We offer several window coverings with sage color options, including our Premium Soft Fold Roman Shades Group B, Privacy Aluminum Blinds, and our Premium Light Filtering Fabric Roller Shades Group A.



A throwback color that is reminiscent of popular colors in the 1960s and 1970s, marigold is emerging as a popular color in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. We offer two types of window coverings with this color—our Premium Plain Fold Roman Shades Group C and our Premium Soft Fold Roman Shades Group C.



A variation on standard pink, blush is a color that’s becoming popular with millennials due to its neutrality and similarity to more common tones like peach and salmon. You can get the look with our Premium Woven Wood Fabric Roller Shades, our Premium Motorized Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades, and our standard Premium Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades.

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine

Pinkish red, this color is ideal for homeowners looking to make a statement in rooms. It’s bright enough to immediately draw the attention of the eyes, but not bright enough to be overwhelming or to dominate a room’s appearance. Some of our wine-colored window coverings include our Premium Soft Fold Roman Shades Group A, our 2” Distressed Wood Blinds, and our Premium Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades.


A bold departure from the standard greens and yellows seen in many homes, lime is increasing in popularity in both paint choices and décor. You can bring a variation into your home with our Premium Soft Fold Roman Shades Group A, while similar colors can be found in our Fabric Vertical Blinds, our 1” Aluminum Blinds, and our 2” Privacy Wood Blinds.


Neutral, comforting, and easy to complement, sand is a great choice for any room in your home. Many of our products are available in this color, including our Premium Blackout Solar Shades, our Deluxe Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades, and our 2” Premium Light Filtering Sheer Shades.



A popular variation on white and off-white color schemes, coconut is proving to be a solid choice with homeowners across the country in 2018. Both our Premium Solar Shades Exotic Collection and our Premium Motorized Solar Shades Exotic Collection are available in this color, and a huge variety of our products are available in similar shades, such as our 2” Premium Cordless Wood Blinds, our 2” Deluxe Light Filtering Sheer Shades, and our 2” Super Value Faux Wood Blinds.

Best Window Treatments for Different Climates

One of the best ways to insulate your home and make it more energy efficient is to install blinds and shades on your windows. But what’s best for a home in the humid South may not be the best option for a home in the dry Southwest. In addition, windows in geographic regions that get 300+ days of sunshine per year should be insulated and covered differently than windows in regions that get much less sunshine and experience cold or freezing temperatures for several months.

While any window covering is better than no window covering when it comes to insulating your home and protecting your furniture and your family’s privacy, maximizing the effectiveness of your blinds and shades by picking ones that are suited to your area’s climate can go a long way toward making your home more energy efficient 365 days per year.

For a list of the best window treatments for different climates, check out Blindster’s top picks below:

Sunny and Dry

Homeowners who live in warm, dry, and sunny climates have a wide range of options to choose from. The biggest need for many people in these area is reducing the amount of heat that enters their windows, eliminating harsh glares, and reducing the effects of UV rays.

Ideal window treatments for this geographic region include:

  • Solar Shades Many homeowners in warm, sunny climates want to maximize the perks of living in such an area by filling their homes with natural sunlight. However, they also want to minimize the warming effect caused by sunlight and the damage its UV rays can do to their furniture and even their skin.Our Premium and Deluxe solar shades are made with Phifer Sheerweave® fabrics, which are highly durable while significantly reducing heat and glare while preserving your view of the outdoors. They’re also designed to cut down on the intensity of the sun’s UV rays, increasing the lifespan of your furniture and protecting fabric, wood, and other materials from fading.
  • Sheer Shades If solar shades aren’t a good fit for your home, but you still want to maximize natural sunlight to heat and light your living room, bed room, or dining room, sheer shades are an excellent alternative.These window coverings are a mixture of shades and blinds with fabric vanes floating between soft, knitted fabric sheers. Raise the vanes to get soft, diffused, and filtered light in your home that has 99 percent fewer UV rays than unblocked sunlight.

Cold and Rainy

Areas like the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast often receive large amounts of rainfall and snowfall. In the winter, windows can become a major source of heat loss for homes in these regions. At Blindster, we recommend heavy blinds and shades that can provide maximum insulation to keep warm air in and cold air out during the fall, winter, and early spring.

Some of the top window coverings for rainy and cold areas are:

  • Roman Shades Roman shades are thick and heavy like a winter coat. And just like your favorite winter clothing, these window treatments are designed to ward off cold air and keep drafts at bay. Our Premium Roman shades are available in four groups—A, B, C, and D—with dozens of colors to choose from within each category.When combined with energy efficient or newly insulated windows, these shades are the ultimate in keeping your home protected the harsh elements outside. Raise them during the day to naturally heat your home when the sun is out and lower them at night to seal the warm air indoors. Finally, pair them with a blackout liner for extra privacy, light reduction, and insulation.
  • Wood Blinds Nothing completes the look of a stately New England home or a rustic cabin nestled in the Pacific Northwest quite like wood blinds. Our real wood blinds are made from kiln-dried American basswood, which is harvested from forests in the Eastern USA and Canada. For many homeowners, there’s no substitute for the subtle textures and colors found in actual wood grain, and that’s why we use only the highest-quality wood in our manufacturing process.Real wood blinds are great at insulating homes and acting as a barrier between your living room, bedroom, or office and cold, rainy drafts outside. The best part about installing wood blinds in wet and cold climates is the fact that they seamlessly match almost all furniture and décor that’s native to those areas.

Sunny and Rainy

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but anyone who lives there knows that rain showers are a frequent occurrence—as are high levels of humidity. All the moisture in the area can cause some types of window treatments to fade, warp, or even mildew over long periods of time, especially if they’re exposed to the elements due to open windows or doors.

These window treatments are designed to hold up against both the sun’s damaging rays and the effects of frequent high humidity:

  • Faux Wood Blinds Faux wood blinds are created using synthetic materials, such as vinyl and vinyl compound materials. However, they look and feel extremely similar to real wood. But unlike wood blinds, faux wood blinds are designed to stand up to harsh conditions. Real wood is susceptible to warping and discoloration due to things like constant sunlight exposure and humidity, but faux wood was specifically designed to be used in humid conditions such as bathrooms, kitchens, and garages.With these blinds, you’ll have peace of mind in even the wettest and sunniest climates. Feel free to leave your patio doors and windows open and let in a fresh breeze, as the hardy construction of faux wood blinds means that they’ll be no worse for the wear even after years of exposure to moisture and high humidity.
  • Aluminum Blinds Want blinds that are easy to clean, resistant to fading, and durable enough to hold up for many years? If so, you can’t go wrong with our aluminum blinds. These window coverings are extremely common in homes, apartments, and businesses throughout the world for good reason. They work well in virtually any climate and thrive under even the harshest conditions.In addition to being highly effective at blocking out light and protecting your privacy, aluminum blinds are also ideal for warm and humid climates. Like faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds won’t mold or mildew and can be easily cleaned with solutions that might damage other types of window coverings.

Best Blinds and Shades for Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are often the most lavish room in a home. Chandeliers, stately and antique dining tables, elaborate place settings, and fine china are just a few hallmarks of dining rooms where families gather to share meals and celebrate special occasions. Due to their reputation as being the centerpieces of many homes, it makes sense that every aspect of dining rooms carries an air of elegance and beauty—including the window coverings.

For many homeowners, choosing low-profile and no-frills options for window coverings is perfectly suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms, but their tastes often change when it comes to their dining rooms. At, we know that homeowners often need window treatments for their dining rooms that are not only beautiful to look at, but are also versatile in both operation and light control functionality.

If you’re looking for the perfect window treatments for your dining room, look no further than these elegant, practical, and affordable blinds and shades:


From a visual standpoint, it’s hard to beat the beauty and timeless design of classic Roman shades. Our selection of Premium Roman Shades is divided into four distinct groups: A, B, C, and D. All the shades in these categories feature a wide variety of options and customizations, including pleated and hobbled fold styles, optional cordless lifts, top down/bottom up functions, and blackout liners. Each category also features a wide variety of colors, with all four categories offering more than 200 unique colors to choose from.



Whether you have a country-style dining room, a formal dining room, or anything in between, you can’t go wrong with our Faux Wood Plantation Shutters. These window coverings combine the look of real wood, with the versatility and durability of faux wood, giving them an elegant appearance and an exterior that’s easy to clean and maintain. Another benefit of the faux wood manufacturing process is the lightweight materials. Because these window coverings are hollow, they are quickly and easily installed in even the most hard-to-reach dining room windows.



Many homeowners want the utmost in privacy in their dining rooms. Thankfully, emphasizing privacy in your search for window treatments doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looks or style. Our 2” Privacy Wood Blinds have all the beauty and elegance of our entire selection of real wood blinds, but with one key difference: no route holes. That means that these blinds are not only more effective at protecting your family’s privacy, but they’re also great for blocking out the sun’s harsh UV rays and glare, giving you the ultimate control over the lighting in your dining room.


With their all-natural materials, cordless operation, and beautiful array of wood stains to choose from, our Cordless Bamboo Woven Wood Shades are the perfect complement to any dining room suite or décor. No lift cord or chain means easy up and down movement, as well as a peace of mind if you have small children or pets. While the all-natural construction process is perfect for eco-friendly and eco-conscious homeowners. Choose from colors that are certain to bring out the beauty in your dining table and place settings, such as Key West Camel, Waikiki Tortoise, and Maya Camel.



Roller shades are highly effective at blocking light and protecting privacy, but some varieties may feel too plain or low-profile for dining rooms. If that’s the case for your home, our Premium Woven Wood Fabric Roller Shades will definitely be enough to make you reconsider this type of window covering. Designed to look like real woven bamboo and wood, these roller shades are manufactured with a high-quality polyester fabric that filters light and cuts down on glare and heat from the sun. These shades can be ordered with a continuous loop lift cord and come in a huge variety of colors and textures, including Highlands Bark, Woodland Nile, and Savannah Sand.



While maximum light control is a high priority for many homeowners, others may prefer to simply reduce the sun’s glare and UV rays, while still allowing ample natural light into their homes. If that’s your idea of the perfect window treatments for your dining room, you’ll love our 3” Deluxe Light Filtering Sheer Shades. The 3” light filtering vanes float between two soft pieces of sheer fabric, giving these shades the combined functionality and beauty of both shades and blinds. Choose from four distinct colors to match the color scheme in your dining room, including White, Ivory, Beige, and Chocolate.



Finding the perfect window treatments to match your dining room décor and furniture doesn’t have to break the bank. Our 2 ½” Premium Faux Wood Blinds are attractively priced and beautifully designed. The large 2 ½” slats have the appearance of real wood, but the composite materials used in the manufacturing process makes them easier to maintain and clean, as well as more durable throughout their lifetime.



If your dining room has a beautiful view that you want to preserve at all costs, solar shades may be the ideal option for your home. Solar shades are unique in that they can significantly reduce heat and UV rays from entering your home while preserving your view of the outdoors. Our Premium Solar Shades Exotic Collection is manufactured using high-quality Phifer Sheerweave® 5000 solar screen fabrics, which makes them extremely durable due to the vinyl coated polyester materials. Choose from four openness factors: 3 percent, 5 percent, 7 percent, and 10 percent—to get the perfect balance between light filtering and view of the outdoors.

Summer’s Coolest Window Coverings: Solar Shades

We couldn’t resist a good title pun, sorry…

One of the best things about summer is its ability to draw people outside to enjoy the warm weather and relax. But months of 98 degree days and high humidity is enough to keep the most summer loving person indoors, just to escape for a little while. Unfortunately, it can be hard to avoid the sun if your windows are left completely bare.

During the summer months it’s understandable to need to get a little relief from the sun, without wanting to completely block out the outside world. As one of the only window treatments to have the durability to work both indoors and out, solar shades truly are one of the best options for when the temperature goes up.

If you’re thinking about purchasing solar shades for your home, check out our reasons why they are the best shades for summer.

Multiple Openness Options

Multiple Openness Options

Every room in your home can have different sun-blocking needs, depending on its use and location. Solar shades come in several different openness options to accommodate these different needs.

As the openness percentage lowers, the weave of the solar shade gets tighter to allow in less and less UV light. Rooms that tend to face the sun can be kept cooler by using a tighter weaved shade. If heat is less of a factor in your home, a higher openness percentage can block sun glare, while still keeping your great view.



The vinyl-coated polyester fabrics of our indoor solar shades hold up well to humidity and rough handling. In fact, they are bacteria and fungus resistant, making them some of the cleanest window treatments to have in your home.

Our outdoor solar shades are made from high-quality PVC and polyester yarns that are certified for exterior use. The durable nature of the materials makes these the perfect shades to put up and have peace of mind knowing they won’t break down.

We also provide two different lift options with sturdy parts, so you can decide what is best and most convenient for your family.

Low Profile

Low Profile

Solar shades have the modern, low-profile look of roller shades, but with the added benefit of outside visibility. Using solar shades is like putting on your favorite pair of sunglasses; you automatically feel cooler and more comfortable with your view. And because they sit so close to your window, you don’t feel like you’re losing any space in a smaller room. This makes them perfect for blocking glare on your screens in office spaces or media rooms.

Reduce Cooling Bill

Reduce Cooling Bill

Solar shades are known for their ability to block heat and glare in any space, but most people don’t realize how big of an effect this can have on their energy bills! Different fabric colors can also play a big part in reducing heat transfer into your home. The darker the fabric, the more it will absorb the heat. The lighter the fabric, the better it will reflect the sunlight. Light colors tend to be slightly better at reducing cooling costs, so if that is your goal, stick to bright whites.



If modern is what you are going for, then these shades are a perfect fit. Solar shades were just plain meant for homes with very sleek aesthetics. Depending on what color you choose, they can blend into your current décor style or become a focal point on your windows.

The different openness options and colors make them a bit more versatile and organic feeling than roller shades. The higher openness options add softness to brightly sun-lit rooms that you can only get from a solar shade.

Best Blinds for People with Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

Whether you’re looking to purchase blinds and shades to simply eliminate outside light, or you’re looking for window treatments that will complement your home’s décor, there’s a good chance you have a strict budget for this purchase. While the majority of blinds and shades are relatively inexpensive, the cost of outfitting an entire home or several rooms with new window coverings can add up.

At Blindster, we know that all of our customers have different needs and wants, both from a style and a budget perspective. While we always recommend our highest-quality window coverings for homeowners, they don’t always fit in everyone’s price range. Thankfully, there is a large variety of lower cost blinds and shades that feature all the elegance, style, features, and options you expect from more expensive options.

For recommendations on the best blinds and shades for your home that won’t break the bank, check out our list below:


No matter what room you install them in, wood blinds always convey elegance and classic charm. They’re also highly versatile from a décor standpoint, as they effortlessly complement almost any type of furniture, decorative color scheme, and window type. Our 2” Premium Wood Blinds are among our bestselling window coverings due to their affordable price and their natural wood grain beauty, and they’re available in 35 distinct colors, including Sugar Maple, Oak, and Pecan. In addition to their striking looks, these blinds are also highly effective at insulating your home during the winter and summer.

1 inch aluminum

Aluminum blinds are among the most commonly used window coverings in the world, and for good reason—they’re efficient at blocking out light and very affordable. Our 1” Aluminum Blinds feature a low-profile, minimalist design, and are available in 13 distinct colors, such as Porcelain, Snow, Brushed Aluminum, and Matte Black. Get them custom cut to fit windows up to 96” wide and 126” high and enjoy blinds that will last for years due with their baked enamel paint and scratch-resistant aluminum slats.

super value roman

The best way to describe our Super Value Roman Shades is luxury on a budget. Roman shades are traditionally one of the most elegant and eye-catching varieties of window coverings, and the cost can reflects that. However, this particular shade is affordable without sacrificing quality or appearance. Its thick fabric makes it ideal for insulating your home from the harsh temperatures during the winter and summer, which means it’s also highly effective at reducing your electricity bill and keeping your home at its most comfortable 364 days a year. Choose from nine unique colors when placing your order, including Pecan, Camel, and Burgundy.

room darkening roller

Shades designed to block out virtually all outside light are perfect for game rooms, home offices, nurseries, and bedrooms, but outfitting several rooms with blackout shades can sometimes stretch budgets. Our Deluxe Room Darkening Fabric Roller Shades are the ideal solution for homeowners who want the blackout effect from their shades, but have a strict budget for their window coverings. These shades are designed to block out between 90 and 99 percent of outside light depending on the color of the fabric you choose, which includes options like Ivory, Charcoal, and Chocolate.

deluxe top down

Who says options and features mean a hefty price tag? As the name suggests, our Deluxe Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades are jam packed with features. They are highly adaptable and perfect for rooms where you need both privacy and natural sunlight at the same time. Best of all, these features are available for these shades at no extra charge. With an insulating R-Value of 3.4 and ½-inch honeycomb construction, these shades are as effective at retaining cooled or heated air, as they are versatile in both form and function.

flat sheer shades

Due to their complex manufacturing process, sheer shades can be some of the most expensive window treatments on the market, but our Horizontal Flat Sheer Shades are designed to fit both your home and your budget. These window coverings combine the form and function of a roller shade with the versatility and light diffusing qualities of a sheer shade. Enjoy soft, beautiful, and filtered light in your home when the shades are open, and world-class light control and privacy when they are closed. In addition, you can also choose from colors that enhance the light filtering qualities, such as Natural, Grey, and Beige, as well as colors that enhance the blackout qualities, including Coffee, Brown, and Light Brown.

shades group A

Whether you’re searching for shades that are eco-friendly, stylish, or simply great at blocking out light, you can’t go wrong with our Deluxe Bamboo Shades Group A. Despite being one of our most inexpensive bamboo shades, this window covering lives up to its “deluxe” reputation. Its construction process utilizes real bamboo and reeds, while also offering a huge variety of colors to choose from, including Mirabella Tan, Franca Cherry, and Elisa Mahogany. Add a blackout liner for extra privacy and light control and custom order your bamboo shades to fit windows up to 96” wide and 120” high.

solar shades open

Shades aren’t always about blocking out the maximum amount of light. For many homeowners, they’re more about reducing glare without spoiling the view of the outdoors. If that’s your idea of the perfect shade, you’ll love our Deluxe Solar Shades 5% Open. Not only are these shades affordable for almost any budget, but they’re also capable of eliminating 95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. The open nature of these shades also means that you’ll still be able to enjoy the appearance of your outdoor areas, without harsh sunlight in your eyes. Get these shades custom cut to fit large windows up to 144” wide and 108” high, and choose from colors like White Linen, Brown Chocolate, and White Pearl when you place your order with Blindster.

Best Blinds for Your Kitchen

As home builders and recent home buyers can attest, the focal point of most new houses is no longer the living room or dining room—it’s the kitchen. It’s the place where meals and memories happen. Whether you’re hosting a holiday get-together, a family reunion, or a dinner party, chances are you and your guests will end up spending plenty of time in your kitchen.

Because of the increased focus on kitchens, many homeowners have opted to give those rooms the same decorative touch they give their bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. While the primary purpose of kitchens will always be preparing and preserving food, there’s nothing that says yours can’t be one of the most stylish rooms in your home—especially if you install the right window coverings.

If you’re looking to hang new blinds or shades in your kitchen, but don’t know where to start, check out Blindster’s recommendations below—and if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support representatives.

premium sheer

Kitchens are one of the primary rooms where many homeowners prefer ample natural lighting. If you like the look of a sunbathed kitchen in the morning to help get a jump-start on your day, you can’t go wrong with our 2” Premium Light Filtering Sheer Shades. Due to a manufacturing process that utilizes two layers of fabric sheers, these shades not only softly diffuse light and block up to 99 percent of UV rays, but they’re also highly effective at protecting your privacy when closed. Choose from 25 colors when placing your order, including Goldenrod, Wheat, Cloud, and Linen Ivory.

premium wood

Wood blinds are the perfect option for traditional, classic homes with the décor and style to match. The large slats of our 2 ½” Premium Wood Blinds look supremely elegant and preserve your view of the outdoors when open and are also highly effective at blocking out light and protecting your family’s privacy when closed. Custom order these shades to fit windows that are up to 84” wide and 96” high and make sure to browse our wide selection of colors, such as Verona, Cinnamon, and Sumatra.

premium bamboo

If you’re looking to make your home as eco-friendly as possible, you’ll love our Premium Bamboo Shades Group C. These shades are manufactured in the USA using real bamboo slats, grasses, and reeds to create a window covering that’s both stylish, natural, and effective at controlling the intensity and brightness of the light that enters your home. These shades are also highly versatile, with a wide range of options available when you place your order, including a privacy liner, a blackout liner, a top-down/bottom-up function, and a continuous cord loop option. Finally, enjoy a large range of wood stain colors, including Golden Grasses, Napa Valley, and Belmont-Walnut.

premium solar

At Blindster, we know that many homeowners want to preserve as much natural light as possible in their homes, while reducing heat, glare, and damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. Our Premium Solar Shades 3 Percent Open check all of those boxes and then some. Not only is this window covering one of our most elegant-looking shades, but it’s also one of our most popular due to its ability to filter natural light while preserving your view of the outdoors. Made with Phifer Sheerweave® 4400 and 2410 fabrics, it’s bacteria and fungus resistant, making it ideal for the occasional messes you may experience in your kitchen. Choose from several bold colors, including Charcoal, Pewter, and Granite.

premium roman

Transform your kitchen into the true showpiece of your home with our Premium Roman Shades Group C. A very elegant window covering, this shade is hand-crafted using the highest-quality fabric with a plain (flat with seams) or soft (hobbled) appearance depending on your preferences. This shade is available for custom fitting on windows up to 120” wide and 120” high. Features including a cordless or top-down/bottom-up function, as well as a deluxe 95 percent or premium 100 percent blackout liner allows for the ultimate in light control and privacy.

faux vertical

If your kitchen connects to your outdoor area, it can be difficult to find the right blinds or shades for your doors or windows. Our Faux Wood Vertical Blinds can cover a huge section of your kitchen—up to 129” wide and 129” long—while remaining incredibly easy to operate via a self-aligning wheeled carrier and self-lubricating parts. Their faux wood construction gives them the elegant appearance of real wood blinds, but with enhanced durability and an easier to clean surface. When ordering, choose between a wand or chain control and 16 unique colors, including Textured Maple, Textured Pearl White, and RealGrain Bamboo.


We know that some homeowners prefer window treatments that simply get the job done at a low cost, without drawing too much attention or becoming the focal point of the room. If you value function and simplicity over features and options, our 2” Aluminum Blinds may be the perfect choice for your kitchen. These window coverings feature large aluminum slats capable of blocking out the sun’s rays during the day, protecting your privacy at night, and letting in all the natural light you want when they’re opened. The baked enamel paint means they’re highly resistant to fading, and the heavy-duty aluminum used during manufacturing means they won’t bend or break easily.


On the flip side, if options and control over your shades are both must-haves on your list, you can’t go wrong with our Deluxe Cordless Day/Night Single Cellular Shades. The top shade has a filtering effect, allowing beautiful and diffused light into your kitchen, while the bottom shade is blackout, eliminating virtually all outside light. This gives you the ultimate control over your kitchen’s lighting and your family’s privacy. Enjoy the deluxe cordless system when operating this window covering and choose from distinct colors of soft fabric, including Cool White, Ivory Beige, Antique Linen, and Espresso.

Blindster Frequently Asked Questions Part 7

When it comes to making the best possible window treatment purchase for your home, you simply can’t have enough information and knowledge at your fingertips as you compare and contrast the huge variety of blinds and shades on the market.

At Blindster, we know that our buyers are happier with their purchases and more satisfied over the long run when they feel more knowledgeable from the outset. That’s why we want to help make sure you know the ins-and-outs of window coverings before you even begin the measurement process.

If you’re in the market for new blinds or shades, we hope our frequently asked questions below will help you in your buying and decision-making process. As always, don’t hesitate to consult our other frequently asked questions articles or our helpful and knowledgeable customer support staff if you have additional concerns before you make a purchase.

  1. What are indoor solar shades for windows?

Indoor solar shades are a type of window covering that significantly reduce glare, heat, and the sun’s harmful UV rays while preserving your view of the outdoors. The best way to think of indoor solar shades is to imagine the effect sunglasses have on your vision, but instead of protecting your eyes, they protect your windows. Indoor solar shades are perfect for rooms where you want an unobstructed view of your surroundings but also want to significantly reduce the harmful effects of the sun. Ideal rooms for indoor solar shades include sunrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and home offices.


  1. What color bamboo shades go with Revere Pewter paint?

Revere Pewter is a popular paint color with gray and beige undertones that’s perfect for any room in your home. If you have a Revere Pewter paint scheme and want to pick window treatments to match, Blindster has got you covered.


For bamboo shades, stick to neutral, earthy tones, such as Lorena Natural, Veneto Sumatra, Monte Carmelo, Mirabella Natural, Lorena Pine, and Elisa Natural. Patterned fabric shades also look great in homes with Revere Pewter color schemes, as do faux wood and wood blinds.


Our wide selection of Roman Shades are another great option for finding the absolute closest match from a color standpoint for Revere Pewter paint, as our Premium Roman Shades Group B have 60 colors to choose from, while Premium Roman Shades Group C have 59 colors to choose from.


  1. What is the average price of a blackout rolling shade window cover?

Blackout roller shades are one of our top-selling window treatments due to their ability to eliminate virtually all outside light, heat, and glare from entering rooms. At Blindster, we have a wide variety of blackout roller shades available at a wide range of prices depending on the materials they’re manufactured with and the number of options and features they include.


Some of our most inexpensive blackout roller shades include our Deluxe Fabric Roller Shades, which can be outfitted with a blackout liner, as well as our Deluxe Room Darkening Fabric Roller Shades.


Our high-end roller blackout shades include our Deluxe Cordless Day/Night Single Cellular Shades, our Deluxe Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up Blackout Cellular Shades, and our Premium Solar Shades Blackout. Although slightly more expensive than other types of blackout shades, these window coverings are manufactured with premium-quality materials and include a wider range of features.

room darkening

  1. What are mini blinds?

“Mini blinds” is a common term used to describe blinds with 1” slats. These blinds are described as “mini” because the size of the slats is half the size of the slats used in traditional blinds, which typically feature 2” slats. Aluminum mini blinds are exceptionally common in homes and apartments due to their ease of use, effectiveness at blocking out light and maintaining privacy, and low-profile appearance. Mini blinds are also versatile when it comes to installation, as they can be cut to fit a wide variety of window sizes and shapes in addition to doors.

mini blinds

  1. What are the best blackout shades?

If you’re looking to purchase window treatments for a nursery, a bedroom, a game room/home theater, or a home office, blackout shades may be the perfect option—especially if you need to have full control over the lighting at all times. Blindster offers a wide variety of blackout shades to fit almost any budget and color scheme.


These are some of our most popular blackout shades:

Although this isn’t a true blackout shade, it can be shipped with a blackout fabric that will help block out 99 percent of light. It’s available in 14 different colors and includes both corded and cordless options for ease of use.

deluxe roller shades

If you prefer your shades to be both highly functional and highly decorative, these shades may be perfect for your home. In addition to having an elegant appearance, these Roman Shades can also be equipped with a blackout liner to function perfectly as blackout shades. Available in 47 different colors, you can also choose from cordless and top down/bottom up options when you place your order.

group a

As its name suggests, this is a true blackout shade with one primary purpose: to block out as much light as possible from entering your home. Manufactured using 100 percent non-woven blackout polyester fabric with integrated foil technology, this shade blocks out 99.9 percent of sunlight, keeping your home as cool, dark, and glare-free as you want. Choose from 9 different patterned colors, including Milky Way, Latte, and Sapphire.

blackout cellular

If the natural look is more your thing, but you still want the benefits of blackout shades, look no further than our Deluxe Bamboo Shades Group B. This shade is created with stained bamboo slats and reeds to bring an earthy, eco-friendly look and design to your home, and the choice of colors, including Beach Cabana, Navassa, Nove Ponte, and Mahogany Tropic all contribute to the elegance this shade can add to any room. Better yet, pair this shade with a blackout liner and you can enjoy its natural beauty while eliminating 99 percent of outside light.

deluxe bamboo

How to Clean Solar Shades

How to Clean Exterior Solar Shades

Exterior solar shades are the ideal solution for increasing privacy and reducing harsh sunlight in your outdoor areas. Whether your exterior solar shades are installed in your sun-room, deck, patio, balcony, or other outdoor space, they’re highly effective at increasing your family’s privacy and comfort.

But because these shades are often mounted outdoors, they accumulate dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris much more quickly than other shades and require more frequent cleanings. To keep your exterior solar shades looking and operating their best year-round, it’s important that you clean them on a regular basis.

If you’ve never cleaned your exterior solar shades or are simply searching for the best way to get the job done, Blindster’s list of tips below can help you get your shades looking and operating as well as they did the day you installed them.


Step 1: Determine how dirty your shades are.

Exterior solar shades that are installed in areas that don’t receive much open air exposure, such as sun-rooms or glassed-in porches may not require extensive cleaning. However, shades that are exposed, such as those installed on decks, balconies, and screened-in porches can accumulate significant amounts of dirt and grime in a very short time period. Before you begin the cleaning process, it’s important to know how much cleaning your shades need to better prepare for the job.

Step 2: Read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

The materials used in the manufacturing process for some exterior solar shades can be damaged, stained, or discolored by certain cleaning liquids. That’s why it’s important to read the manufacturer’s cleaning and care instructions before you attempt to clean your exterior solar shades. Check the original packaging to find the instructions. If you never received instructions or can’t find yours, check the manufacturer’s website or contact Blindster for a replacement copy.

Step 3: Gather the cleaning items you’ll need to get the job done.

While cleaning exterior solar shades can be a slightly more intensive process than cleaning other types of shades, the tools you’ll need are the same. Before you get started, take the time to gather the following items and keep them handy while you work:

  • Feather duster

Dust is the number one thing that accumulates on shades, and exterior solar shades are no different. A feather duster can quickly and easily lift away all but the most excessive amounts of dust from nearly every square inch of your shade and should always be your first line of defense when cleaning.

  • Vacuum with soft brush attachment

While feather dusters are highly effective at removing dust from shades, they can often leave some behind. If that’s the case, use your vacuum and its soft brush attachment to lift away any remaining particles, including pet hair, pollen, and other debris. Be sure to adjust the vacuum’s suction if it’s too strong to avoid damaging the shade.

  • Bucket with warm water and mild soap or detergent

If the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for your shades permit the use of water or mild soap during cleaning, fill up a clean bucket with warm water and mix in a small amount of cleaning liquid. This mixture is gentle on almost all types of fabrics and materials and can help lift away stains and heavy accumulations of dirt and dust from the shade and head rail.

  • Towel and hair dryer or large fan

Even if your shades can be cleaned using water, it’s still important that you dry them quickly after cleaning. If your shades are installed in an open-air environment, wipe off any excess moisture after cleaning to prevent streaks due to the natural drying process. If your shades are installed in an indoor area, wipe them down using a towel and point a fan or hair dryer at any areas with excessive moisture to speed up the drying process.

Step 4: Clean your exterior solar shades.

With all of the necessary items in hand, it’s time to begin the cleaning process. First, soak your sponge or clean cloth in warm water and wring it out thoroughly to remove excess liquid. Then, gently lift away dirt and dust from the headrail, while being careful to avoid letting any liquid get inside the openings.


Next, use the feather duster and vacuum with soft brush attachment to lift away dirt and dust from the shade itself. Remove light stains by gently scrubbing with a damp cloth or sponge, but be careful to avoid scrubbing too hard, as that can damage the fabric or shade materials.

Step 5: Remove your shades and submerge in water for a deep cleaning.

If traditional cleaning methods aren’t cutting it due to heavy stains or prolonged exposure to airborne particles and debris, you may need to remove your shades from the mounting brackets and attempt a deep clean by submerging them in water (note: only attempt if your shades are safe to clean using water and mild soap).


After removing your shades from the mounting brackets, submerge them in your bathtub after filling it with warm water and a small amount of mild soap. Make sure to keep the headrail out of the water, as liquid can damage the moving parts inside. Allow the shades to soak for several minutes, then use a sponge and gently scrub any heavily stained areas of the fabric.


Once the stains are removed, rinse your shades thoroughly to remove all soap and immediately dry them using a towel. Allow them to finish drying by hanging them in a well-ventilated area before reinstalling them on the mounting brackets.

Step 6: Follow a weekly cleaning schedule.

Because exterior solar shades are often exposed to significantly higher amounts of airborne dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris than many other types of shades, they require much more frequent cleaning to look and operate at their best. To properly maintain your exterior solar shades, clean them at least once per week using a feather duster and once per month using a sponge. The more frequently you clean your shades, the less often they will require deep cleanings and the lower their risk of becoming permanently stained or discolored.

Benefits of Exterior Solar Shades

Exterior areas are the perfect places to relax and unwind, but the heat, intense sunlight and lack of privacy can make some homeowners less likely to enjoy these areas as much as they could. Thankfully, exterior solar shades are the perfect option to reclaim exterior spaces, including sunrooms, decks, balconies, porches, and pool enclosures.

If you’ve considered adding exterior solar shades to your outdoor area but need a little more convincing, here are a few unique benefits that you’ll enjoy right away:

• Keep cool in the summer

It’s hard to fully enjoy your outdoor areas during the summer—especially when temperatures soar and the sun’s rays are at their most intense. Exterior solar shades can significantly reduce the amount of heat that is transferred into your exterior area and even the adjacent rooms of your home. That also means your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you money on your utility bills.

• Block the sun’s UV rays

The sun’s rays can be extremely damaging to your skin, contributing to everything from premature aging to skin cancer. While many home’s outdoor spaces may have covered roofs, direct sunlight in the morning or evening—or even sunlight reflected off water or other surfaces—can cause skin damage after just brief periods of exposure. Exterior solar shades significantly reduce harmful UV rays from the sun and make it safe for you to enjoy your exterior area no matter the time of day.

• Reduce fading and sun damage to your furniture

Just as the sun can damage your skin, it can also damage your furniture and anything that receives frequent exposure to its rays. Whether it’s the fabric on a chair or the wood grain on a table, constant and intense sunlight exposure can quickly cause furniture to lose its color, luster, and vibrancy, resulting in a dingy and washed-out appearance. By significantly reducing the intensity of the sun’s UV rays, exterior solar shades can help protect your furniture and extend its lifespan.

• Preserve your beautiful view

One of the most appealing parts of having an exterior area is enjoying the view. Whether your exterior area overlooks your pool, your lawn, or your neighborhood, preserving your view is a requirement for any exterior window coverings—and exterior solar shades deliver. Blindster offers exterior solar shades with high levels of transparency, which means you’ll barely be able to see them. But despite their sheer appearance, even the most view-preserving exterior solar shades are still highly effective at blocking out sunlight and reducing heat.

• Increase and protect your family’s privacy

For many homeowners, enjoying their exterior areas means feeling less secure and more exposed—especially if their home is in a neighborhood with small lot sizes and many homes build closely together. Exterior solar shades are the perfect solution for increasing privacy in exterior areas. Because Blindster offers a variety of exterior solar shades, you can find one that perfectly matches your need for preserving your view while also increasing and protecting your family’s privacy.

• Reduce harsh glare during all hours of the day

If your outdoor area is near a body of water, including a pool, pond, stream, or lake, there’s a good chance that the sunlight’s reflection off the water can produce a strong glare during certain hours of the day. Exterior solar shades can reduce the glare and reflection—which means you can enjoy your outdoor area without the need for sunglasses.

• Enhance your home’s beauty

While some homeowners may think of exterior solar shades as being purely functional items, there are actually many stylish and beautiful options for outdoor spaces. At Blindster, we offer a wide variety of exterior solar shades, including many different designs, colors, levels of transparency, and installation options. You can also try before you buy by ordering a free sample of any exterior solar shade listed on our website.

• Can be custom made to fit almost any outdoor space

Outdoor spaces can range from screened and glassed-in porches to sunrooms and large balconies. All of these areas require different sizes and installment options for exterior solar shades, and all of them can be accommodated through Blindster. In addition, exterior solar shades can be installed like traditional shades and mounted flush inside window frames, and they can also be mounted outside the window frame on the wall, the window molding, or even the ceiling itself for maximum versatility and compatibility

• Easily raised and lowered

The benefits of exterior solar shades in the summer may be less important during the winter—especially when it comes to blocking out the sun’s rays. Thankfully, it’s quick and easy to raise and lower exterior solar shades, giving you maximum control over the privacy and lighting of your outdoor area. Keep the shades lowered during the summer to block out UV light and reduce heat, and raise them in the winter to allow the sun to warm your outdoor area.

• Designed to withstand the elements

Unlike traditional indoor shades, exterior solar shades are designed to hold up under tough conditions for years and years. Blindster’s exterior solar shades are tested to endure the harshest elements of nature, including constant sunlight exposure, torrential rainfall, and strong winds. Once your exterior solar shades are installed, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your outdoor area will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays for years to come with minimal maintenance required.

• Protect your outdoor space from insects and pests

Your outdoor area should be a comfortable space free from distractions, but it’s hard to enjoy it when you’re fighting off insects like flies or mosquitoes. Exterior solar shades provide a solid barrier between your family and unwanted pests and reduce your need for bug sprays and other pest-blocking devices.

• Preserve the sounds of nature

For outdoor areas that aren’t glassed-in, exterior solar shades provide protection on par with even tinted windows while also preserving the sounds of nature. That means you can enjoy the sounds of your children splashing in the pool or a pleasant rainfall while also enjoying protection from the sun and increased privacy.