What Are Bamboo Shades?

Wood is a popular choice for window coverings, and a large percentage of homes in the U.S. have real wood blinds installed. But wood isn’t limited to blinds—it can also be used for shades.

Bamboo shades are one of the only types of real wood shades available, and that’s because bamboo can be woven into a material that can be rolled, which is essential for the operation of standard shades. As you might expect, bamboo shades trace their origins back to Asia, where bamboo was and still is used for a variety of purposes, including furniture, building materials, fences, bridges, and tools.

One of the first things you might notice about bamboo shades—particularly the ones sold by Blindster—is their attractive pricing. Bamboo shades are highly affordable and can fit into almost any budget. That makes them ideal for homeowners looking to outfit multiple rooms or even entire homes. They can also be cut to fit a wide range of window shapes and sizes, giving them even more versatility.

How Are Bamboo Shades Made?

Bamboo shades are made using bamboo and a variety of other materials, including natural grasses and reeds. Those materials are all woven together to create shades that protect privacy and block the sun’s harsh UV rays. Small natural gaps in in the weaving process mean that standard bamboo shades are ideal for diffusing natural light, creating a soft glow in any room where they’re installed.

The bamboo shades we sell are built on hand-fed looms. That gives them a more consistent quality, and it means that quality control from shade to shade remains high regardless of order size or customization options.

What Are Options Are Available for Bamboo Shades?

Homeowners who want even more light control and privacy can opt for privacy and blackout liners, which dramatically transform the function of bamboo shades. In fact, with the right liners, bamboo shades can be as effective as even the thickest roller shades when it comes to blocking out light and protecting privacy, while still retaining the unique look and charm that you can only get with natural materials.

The options don’t end with liners. Blindster is proud to offer bamboo shades with a variety of lift cord options and mechanisms, including standard operation, cordless, top down bottom up, and continuous loop lift cord. Edge binding is another popular option, as it smooths out the occasionally rough edges of the natural materials used in bamboo shades with the addition of high-quality cloth, giving them a more uniform appearance and feel.

We also offer a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, with our Deluxe Bamboo Woven Wood Shades Group A being available to purchase in more than 10 colors and our Deluxe Bamboo Woven Wood Shades Group B being offered in 16 distinct looks. If you can’t find the ideal match for your home and décor among those choices, be sure to check out our Super Value, Premium, and Cordless varieties as well for even more options.

What Makes Bamboo Shades Unique?

One of the top selling points of bamboo shades is the materials used in their construction and manufacture. Like real wood blinds, bamboo shades are made from real materials, making them eco-friendly, as they’re created from renewable resources.

Another interesting point about bamboo shades is that every shade is unique in its own way. That’s because no two pieces of wood are alike, and natural wood stains, textures, and patterns will vary from shade to shade. That makes them immediately eye-catching and unique in homes with a wide variety of furniture, color, and décor styles.

One of the best parts about bamboo shades is their versatility. They’re equally at home in formal settings as they are in bohemian-style homes where the focus is primarily on creating a unique look and aesthetic. There’s simply no limit to the places where bamboo shades can truly shine, as their natural beauty makes them both elegant and casual.

Order Your Bamboo Shades Today

Be sure to check out our wide selection of bamboo shades. Our bamboo shades have hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers who love the way they look in their homes, and if you need more information or have any questions before ordering, don’t hesitate to contact our sales representatives.

Don’t forget to order free samples to get the ideal color match for your home, and check out our measuring instructions for bamboo shades to make sure you get the perfect fit for your windows.

Why Choose Blindster over Big Box Retail Stores?

Online shopping is dramatically changing the retail experience in a wide variety of markets and industries. Everything from digital entertainment and furniture to clothing and even groceries are now commonly purchased online and shipped directly to customers’ homes.

But some people are hesitant to purchase certain items online, including window coverings. While it’s true that blinds and shades can be purchased at many big box home improvement retail stores and specialty shops, shopping online for window treatments offers several important advantages over the traditional shopping experience.

6 Reasons to Buy Window Treatments Online

If you’ve never bought blinds or shades online before, one purchase from us will likely change the way you shop for window treatments forever. Over the years, we’ve watched many home owners who were initially hesitant about buying their window coverings over the internet become loyal customers who can’t imagine purchasing their blinds and shades anywhere else.

We’re proud to make customers for life when people order from us, and it often happens because of these six reasons:

Lower prices

– Big box retail stores often can’t compete with us on prices. That’s because we focus specifically on blinds and shades and don’t need large showrooms to house our products. All of our products are available to be browsed online rather than in person in warehouse-like storefronts, and we pass the savings from those key differences on to our customers. In addition, we also work closely with the manufacturers of a variety of blinds and shades to make sure we get the best prices, which is yet another advantage that our customers enjoy.

Getting relevant information is quick and easy

– When you buy blinds and shades in a store, it can be difficult to determine their exact dimensions and installation options. It’s also difficult to determine their quality or value and whether other customers are happy with them. Attempts to find reviews can be fruitless, and that can create anxiety for many home owners—especially if they’re looking to purchase many window coverings at once. But when you buy your blinds or shades from Blindster, all the information you need is right on the product page, including precise measurement options and maximum lengths and widths, customer reviews, and even the types of materials used in the manufacturing process.

Customization is a breeze

– Many of our customers want some degree of customization when they order blinds or shades from us. Whether it’s choosing specific colors and patterns, specific dimensions to fit certain windows in their homes, or requiring specific options like blackout liners and top down bottom up operation, getting those requirements takes seconds during the checkout process when you buy through Blindster. But in a big box retail store, you have to contend with many obstacles, including limited customization, out of stock products, and prolonged waiting periods to get what you want—if they’re even capable of fulfilling your request at all.

More likely to get a perfect fit

– What good are window treatments that let in too much light? That’s a reality for countless homeowners who bought their blinds and shades at big box retail stores—including those who requested specific lengths and widths. Window coverings that are installed straight out of a box almost never fit correctly, resulting in huge light leaks or impossible installations due to simply being too big for a given window. In addition, big box retail stores don’t always custom cut blinds and shades correctly, which means providing them with precise measurements may still result in poor fits. At Blindster, we provide detailed measuring instructions for our products to help home owners get perfect fits, and we make sure they’re cut to extreme precision when orders are placed.

Free samples help you choose the right color and pattern

– Seeing blinds and shades in person won’t help much if you can’t replicate their colors and patterns in your home. The lighting in big box stores is often significantly different than the lighting in an average home, and window treatments can look dramatically different in each environment. But before you make a purchase from Blindster, you can order free samples to get a better idea of how a particular window covering will look in each room of your home. We highly recommend taking advantage of this offer, as it’s an easy step that will help ensure that you love your new blinds and shades.

Better guarantees and warranties

– When you buy window coverings from most big box retail stores, you get their standard return policy and that’s about it. At some stores, you may have only a few weeks to make a return. And with your busy lifestyle, you may simply not have enough time to get out your new blinds and shades and ensure that they match your décor, that they’re cut to fit your windows, or that they’re able to be installed where you want to hang them. At Blindster, we offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like your purchase, contact us within 60 days of receiving it and we’ll work to help you find a suitable replacement or issue you a refund. In addition, we also offer a 10-year accident protection plan for damaged products, free of charge.

In addition, you can’t go wrong with the ease and convenience of shopping online. You don’t have to worry about wasting your gas to drive across town and fighting for a parking space, and you don’t have to concern yourself with making room in your vehicle for huge boxes of blinds and shades. Instead, you can complete the entire shopping process from the comfort of your home while knowing that beautiful new window treatments will be shipped directly to your door.

Top Reasons to Order Samples Before Placing Your Order


You’ve measured your windows. Gathered your tools. Read the reviews. Selected the optional components and features you want. All that’s left is clicking the “submit order” button.

The hard part is over and you’re ready to buy your new blinds and shades, but before you do, there’s one crucial step that can be the difference between getting the perfect window treatments to complement your home and being dissatisfied with your purchase.

That crucial step, of course, is ordering samples. At Blindster, we know that window coverings are a highly subjective purchase, and no amount of photos, informative descriptions, and online color swatches will give you the “big picture” of what your new blinds or shades will look like in your home quite like real-life samples.

Because of our huge selection of products, we offer our customers the chance to order up to 10 free samples from any product in any category, including wood blinds, faux wood blinds, roller shades, Roman shades, solar shades, and many more.

So if you’re considering making a purchase and outfitting your home with new window coverings, take the time to check out our list of reasons to order samples before you place your order:


  • Samples give you a better view of colors than online photographs.

Although we strive to make our online galleries of colors and patterns as accurate and true to life as possible, it can be difficult to get an exact representation on-screen due to the variations in displays. A color that appears dark blue on one monitor, phone, or tablet may appear almost purple on another screen. Without having a sample of the actual product in your hand, you may be unable to determine whether your new blinds or shades will match your home’s style, décor, and color scheme until the window treatments arrive at your home.


  • Samples help you see small details in fabric patterns and wood grain.

Much of the beauty in fabric shades and wood blinds comes from the small, intricate details present in the fabric and wood itself. It’s difficult to fully display those details on an electronic device, which means you may be missing out on subtle colors, shades, and patterns that truly bring out the beauty and elegance of certain types of window coverings. Having the sample in your hand also makes it easy to compare its pattern or wood grain to your furniture and décor, helping you avoid window treatments that simply don’t fit the aesthetics in your home.


  • Samples make it easier to enlist the help and opinions of others.

If you’ve narrowed down your options to just a handful of colors and patterns, but still can’t make a decision, having samples on hand makes it much easier to get opinions from your friends, family, and neighbors. In many cases, a quick glance from a distance at a color, pattern, or wood grain that’s being held up next to furniture or a painted wall will tell you more than hours spent analyzing colors online. And if you’re unsure about whether the color scheme or pattern matches, have others help you by asking their opinion on different samples.


  • Samples allow you to feel the texture of window coverings.

Texture is an often overlooked aspect of blinds and shades, but it’s an important thing to consider. Getting the right texture can go a long way toward making you fall in love with your new blinds and shades, while the wrong texture can leave you frustrated with your purchase. With online shopping, there’s no way to test the texture of the fabric, vinyl, aluminum, wood, or bamboo window covering you’re viewing in your Web browser. Our sample ordering process makes it easy to get your hands on the window coverings you’re interested in before you make your purchase.


  • Samples help you pick out furniture or paint for a new home or remodeling project.

At Blindster, we know that many of our customers purchase window coverings for new homes or renovation projects where a substantial amount of work and new purchases are taking place at the same time. In those cases, it can be difficult for homeowners to determine the right color or pattern for their new window coverings—or they may have difficulty picking out furniture or wall colors based on the blinds and shades they want to install. With samples of your favorite shades on hand, you can quickly compare various décor, furniture, and paint at the hardware or furniture store and get the right items and supplies for your home.


  • Samples let you look at the window covering under normal lighting conditions.

Seeing a certain color or pattern in person isn’t the only visual benefit to ordering samples or blinds and shades. The unique lighting in your home that your new window coverings will be exposed to during the day also plays a big role in their appearance and how well they complement your home’s décor. The appearance of a sheer shade in a room with moderate amounts of natural light may look completely different than when it’s placed in a room with plentiful natural lighting. With your samples, you can easily test how specific shades and blinds will look under a variety of lighting conditions in every room in your home.


  • Samples help you place your order with confidence.

Buying new window coverings can cause anxiety—especially if you’re outfitting multiple rooms in your home. You’ve spent hours researching, measuring, comparison shopping, reading reviews, and preparing for your new window treatments. The idea that your blinds or shades may be a poor fit for your home can be a distressing one. But, with samples your favorite choices right in front of you, you can feel much more confident with your order. Don’t second guess yourself and don’t be a victim of buyer’s remorse—request your 10 free samples before you place your order with Blindster and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will love your new window coverings.