Quick Design Tips: Blinds + Curtains

It has become increasingly popular to combine blinds and shades with some sort of drapes or curtains. This styling options allows homeowners and decorators to creatively conceal any unsightly window frames or shapes. They can also can make ceilings appear taller when done correctly. If you decide to implement this décor choice, it is important to follow a few basic rules from Blindster:

The blinds or shades must be mounted flush with the window frame.

This keeps your window treatments from looking bulky once you add your curtains or drapes. It also makes it easier for you to lift and lower your shades without the curtains getting in the way.

Choose drapes or curtains that just barely dust the floor.

Pooling curtains always look tacky! Keep your curtains up off the floor and you will be surprised at how much more put together your windows will look. Also, keeping them off the floor means you won’t have to clean them as often.

Mount your rod 5-7” inches above your window casing.

Mounting the rod higher makes your window appear larger and your ceilings taller. If you don’t have enough space between your window and your ceiling, just mount the rod 1-2” bellow the ceiling line.

Make sure the rod extends about 10-12” past the window frame on each side.

Your drapes or curtains should just touch your window on either side. The whole purpose of this design is to make your windows appear larger, so you don’t want to cover them up!

Check out Blindster.com for color and pattern inspiration!

Here’s a few pictures from real customers using their blinds and shades with drapes or curtains.



2″ Premium Faux Wood Blinds




Deluxe Bamboo Shades Group A




Deluxe Bamboo Shades Group A




Deluxe Bamboo Shades Group A