Learn How EASY it is to Install Blinds Yourself

Yikes – you don’t want to scratch your trim, poke unnecessary holes in it, or have crooked, awkward-looking blinds. What an embarrassing mess that would be! But here’s the good news: you can install blinds or shades on your own. And no, contrary to what you might hear at other stores, you don’t need to have someone experienced do it for you. You don’t even need experience yourself.

At Blindster, we know buying blinds online is a little different process than you’re used to. That’s why we have measuring and installation guides for every single type of blind we sell online.

So we can’t possibly tell you how to install every type of blind in a single blog post. But let’s take the instructions for one of the more popular kinds of shade people love to buy:

• Premium Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades – instructions with visuals are found here

Estimated Time

It should take you around 15-20 minutes (for blinds/shades requiring 3-4 brackets). The more brackets you have to measure, the longer it takes to install your shade.

What You Need

Here’s the complete list:

• A power drill
• Tape measure
• Pencil

Short, isn’t it?

It’s So Easy – Just 4 Simple Steps!

This is all you do:


1. Choose the Correct Fastener

1 1/2” #8 hex head wood screws are included. If you’ll be mounting these shades into aluminum or concrete, you will have to purchase your own fasteners.


2. Mark the Locations of Your Brackets

They should be about 2” from either end of your headrail. If you have more than 2 brackets, space them evenly between the two outside brackets.

If you have very wide shades, you may get up to 8 brackets. It doesn’t matter how many brackets you get, but do make sure you space them less than 25” apart and as evenly as possible.

If you have an outside mount shade, use a level to check for levelness.


3. Install Your Brackets

For outside mount shades, screw your brackets into your wall. For inside mount shades, screw your brackets into the top or back of your window frame.


4. Install Your Shade

The front groove of your headrail should be inserted into the front ridge of your bracket. Then, you simply rotate your shade towards your window’s glass.

Your headrail should snap into place without a problem. Double-check just to make sure your shade has locked into place like it should.

5. Enjoy Your Blinds/Shades!

Wow, wasn’t that easy?

See, you don’t have to be a master handyman to install your own blinds.

Anyone with just a little spare time can do it.

Enjoy your shades!

And remember, if you have any problems, you can always contact our friendly customer service team at 888.256.8672 (M-F 8-5 CST).