How to Repot Succulents

Succulents are everywhere. Just a quick look through Pinterest or a browse in a home décor magazine will reveal at least one picture of the colorful cacti. They are relatively easy to care for and come in such a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s no wonder they have gained popularity recently. Thriving as indoor and outdoor plants, make them a perfect choice to add a little organic touch to your home.


While browsing a local nursery, we came across a whole section of succulents and couldn’t resist picking up a few (we had an unused pot at home anyway). We ended up with six different succulents in varying sizes and a bag of potting soil.



We began the re-potting process by filling the container half full with potting soil, then adding some small rocks to aerate the soil and help the succulents with water control. Succulents only need watering about once a month and in-between can be moistened with a spray bottle.



rock layer

We put the bigger succulents towards the back of the container, adding soil to keep them stable.

plant 2

We arranged the little succulents in the front. It’s OK if there is space around the plants because they tend to multiply. We made sure to fill in any gaps with soil. You can also include a layer of rocks top of the soil (we probably will later).

close up

These succulents seemed especially dry, so we went ahead and watered them. Usually it’s better to let them rest for a few days in their new soil before watering.


We picked a partially sunny spot to display the new container and planed an upside-down saucer underneath the pot to keep water from resting underneath the succulents. We can’t wait until these little guys start to grow!