How to Order Custom Blinds with Blindster’s Free Tool

Wow, buying blinds is much more difficult than you imagined at first, right? Who thought you could get so many different blinds for numerous reasons?

You can get them to darken your room, black it out almost entirely, just to decorate, or even to optimize your energy efficiency. Then you have to choose the color, and maybe customize the valance and headrail too.

And that’s just the beginning of the list! It’s tiring just to talk about…

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way to make the process of buying blinds so much easier? After all, you might forget to think of some features you want your blinds to have.

And since you’re buying online, you don’t necessarily have a sales associate standing right next to you the entire time.

But keep in mind, that at Blindster, we do have “Live Chat” support to help you with anything as you browse our website. You simply click the link for it at the top left of any page as you browse our website.

Blindster’s Customize Your Own Blinds Tool Makes Buying the Blinds You Want Easy

You can find this tool for every product on our website. Here’s where you go:

Blindster’s Customize Your Own Blinds Tool-1

Once you click that button, our customize your blinds tool comes up. In this case, we’re using the 2” Premium Wood Blinds as an example:

Customize Your Own Blinds Tool -2

As you change each option, you’ll get updated pricing (if applicable). For each one, you have a small question mark inside of a blue circle. If you hold your mouse over each of those, you’ll get more information about the option.

For the “Mount” option, for example, you learn about the two types of mounts – inside and outside. You also get a graphic that shows how each of these mounting options looks when in use.

And for certain options, you also get a list of sub-options. For example, if you choose the “Headrail” option, and then change to the “3 on 1 Headrail” option, this comes up:

Customize Your Own Blinds Tool -3

Then you can customize how each of the split sections of the headrail works. Some options, if you need them, are free (like hold downs and spacer blocks). This is all indicated within each option as you choose it.

Finally, in the upper right of the customize your blinds tool, you can customize the quantity you need, mark the location of your blinds, and also write some meaningful personal notes if needed.

Getting your own custom blinds online can be difficult – but it’s a cinch at Blindster.

And remember, if you have any questions, you can always use the “Live Chat” link at the top left of any page or call our exceptionally helpful customer service team at 888-256-8672 (M-F 8-5 CST).