How to Fix a Cordless Cellular Shade

Cordless cellular shades are highly effective at blocking out light, protecting your family’s privacy, and complementing your home’s décor, but like all items with moving parts, they may need repairs and maintenance from time to time. If you have experienced issues with your cordless cellular shades recently, you don’t have to throw them out or hire a professional to fix them. Chances are, you can repair them yourself with just a few household tools and the following information.

Check out Blindster’s guide below to fix some of the most common and annoying problems that can occur with cordless cellular shades:

  • Problem: Hitches in movement when raising or lowering the shade

Solution: If you notice the shade’s movement seems impeded in some way, check the spring motor inside the headrail. If you see friction clips, trying removing them to see if that improves the shade’s movement and operation.


  • Problem: Shade doesn’t lift or is stuck in a drawn position

Solution: If your shade seems stuck and you want to fully retract it, the springs inside the headrail may have become set in their current position due to a prolonged period of being set to a certain level. To reset the springs, pull down on the bottom rail until the shade begins moving again. Then, lift up until the shade is in the desired position.


  • Problem: Shade brushes up against the wall or window when raising or lowering it

Solution: Shades that come into contact with your wall or window are likely mounted too close to the surface that’s being touched. If that’s case, you may need an extension bracket that will provide extra clearance for your shade.


  • Problem: Shade moves too much due to air drafts or open windows

Solution: If your shade is getting blown around by your air conditioner, fan, the wind from the outside, or doors being opened and closed frequently, you can use hold-down brackets to keep it in place. Hold-down brackets are easily installed near the bottom rail of the shade and will prevent it from moving in almost all situations.


  • Problem: Shade hangs unevenly at the bottom

Solution: Eventually, you may notice that your shade no longer rests in an even and symmetrical position. If that’s the case, you may need to simply pull your shade down completely and then lift it back the desired position. This can help reset the position of the lift mechanisms and cords inside the headrail. To prevent this from happening in the future, always lift the shade from the middle instead of the sides. That helps balance the tension and avoids overloading one side of the lift mechanism.


  • Problem: Shade looks like it is beginning to sag

Solution: Over time, your shade may begin to take on an appearance of sagging. This may be due to the friction clips inside breaking or losing their effectiveness. If your shade isn’t equipped with friction clips, the friction clips are broken, or you need to replace ones that you lost, contact Blindster or the manufacturer for replacements.

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  1. Annette Kohoutek
    Annette Kohoutek says:

    My shade has a gap between the header and shade I don’t see that this issue is addressed. Can I make adjustment or repair it, and if so, how?


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