Geek Chic: 8 Nerdy Home Décor Ideas

During the past decade, nerd culture has moved from being a small niche market, to the forefront of everyone’s attention. Movies, music, books, television shows, and even conventions are now dominated by all things nerd. More people than ever connect with the themes presented in traditional “nerd” media, whether it’s science fiction, high fantasy, or time traveling doctors. The appeal of such genres isn’t just limited to popular media in 2016—it’s now crossing over into the way people decorate their homes.

With DIY websites also becoming more and more popular in recent years, adding a touch of nerd culture to your home—or completely transforming your home into a nerd paradise—is easier than ever. Best of all, many of the tips involve inexpensive projects that can be completed in just one day. To get started on creating your own nerdy home décor, check out Blindster’s list of tips below:


1. Frame some of your favorite comic books.


Framed Comics

Via Youseph

Many comic book collections end up tucked away on shelves, in binders, or stashed at the back of closets in boxes. While those are great options for safekeeping, they do nothing to showcase your collection or just a few of your favorite issues. Comic book covers are bright, colorful, and eye-catching, and they always look great when framed and displayed prominently. Framing and displaying your comic books keeps them protected from the elements and adds a huge splash of your color and character (no pun intended) to your home. Up, up, and not away (pun completely intended)!

2. Create shadowboxes of your favorite hobbies and interests.

Star Wars Shadowbox

Via Somewhere On The Ice Planet

If you’re a diehard fan of a particular video game console, author, television series, or movie trilogy, hanging posters of your obsession in your home may seem a bit too cliché past a certain age. But if you’re dead-set on showing your love for your favorite nerdy franchise to the world, you can’t go wrong with creating a shadowbox. Throw in a collection of both classic and modern video game controllers, some iconic books by your favorite author, or DVD/Blu-ray cases of your favorite television/movie series and secure them behind the glass to create an homage that’s both sophisticated and delightfully nerdy.

3. Make your own music Wall of Fame.

Vinyl ARt

Via Records on Walls

If music—particularly hits from the 60s and 70s—is more your thing, you know that it’s tough to beat the audio quality of the original vinyl pressings of classic albums. But vinyl albums aren’t just great for their sound quality—they’re also great for the beauty of the album covers themselves. Like comic books, vinyl album covers feature iconic artwork that’s often reproduced on posters and t-shirts, but there’s nothing like the real thing. Buy some replacement protective sleeves for your vinyl records and frame the album covers to be displayed on your wall to create a beautiful homage to your some of your favorite music. Totally groovy, man.

4. Paint your staircase risers to represent your favorite books and authors.

Book Staircase

Via Etsy

If you have an artistic flair—or if you’re feeling bold about your décor ideas—bust out your paintbrush, paint, and some multi-surface tape and start studying the designs on the spines of your favorite books. If you’ve got the creative chops to transfer those designs to the risers of each step, you can transform your staircase into an oversized “library” of classic novels and timeless literature. You can also use your risers to paint inspirational quotes from your favorite books, music, movies, and video games. Just be careful not to trip over your own words.

5. Create classic video game scenes on your walls.

Pac-Man Wall Decals

Via Geek Alert

Classic video games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, and even Tetris all take place on solid colored backgrounds. That makes scenes from these iconic games easy to create on your walls. A few coats of solid black or blue paint and some pre-made or homemade pixelated decals strategically adhered to the wall can turn an ordinary room into an oversized display of an 8-bit classic. These large displays are the perfect touches for game rooms, man caves, home offices, and media rooms. But, you might want to avoid putting Pac-Man and Ghosts in the same room!

6. Use test tubes, beakers, and other scientific glassware for storage.

Test Tube Spice Rack

Via Instructables

There’s never been a better time to love all things science. But short of hanging up a large periodic table of the elements in your home, it can be hard to show your appreciation for it. One creative way to display your love for all things chemistry, biology, and physics is to bring the “lab” into your home with scientific glassware. Test tubes, beakers, flasks, and cylinders aren’t just great for decorative purposes—they’re also great for actually storing things. Use them in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room to store everything from soap, detergent, and even spices and oils. Want extra nerd points? Put household items in containers that are labeled by their chemical name, ex.: jewelry in a container that says Au, bananas in a bowl labeled K or a salt shaker with NaCl on the front.

7. Build a “nerd shrine” to display your favorite items.

Tardis Wardrobe

Via Scrappy Jedi

If you love the idea of showing off your nerdy interests, but you’re a little reluctant to spread the décor throughout your home, a nerd shrine may be the perfect option. Whether it’s a prominently located shelf, bookcase, or even your fireplace mantle, choose one spot in your home and dedicate it to all of your favorite hobbies, interests, and pop culture items. Having everything in one space will go a long way towards filling your nerd décor “quota” will still giving you room for more traditional décor throughout the rest of your home.

8. Build your own classic arcade game cabinet.

DIY Arcade

Via Intructables

This tip requires some technical know-how (or a willingness to follow some pretty extensive online guides), but it’s a great way to display your love for classic 80s arcade games without breaking the bank and buying an original arcade cabinet. An LCD screen, an inexpensive computer, and an empty arcade cabinet can be transformed into iconic games from the past at a fraction of the price of buying the real thing.

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