Easy DIY Easter Decorations

Spring is almost here, and that means Easter is right around the corner. In addition to being a great time for spring cleaning, Easter is also a perfect opportunity to decorate your home for the holiday and warm weather. Spring/Easter decorations are an easy way to bring color into your living space without breaking the bank, as many projects and décor ideas are DIY and can be completed in just a few hours of your time.

Best of all, many Easter-related decorations can be left up throughout all of March, April, and May, which means you don’t have to rush to take them down after the holiday. So if you’re ready to begin creating your own Easter and spring décor, check out Blindster’s top tips for easy DIY projects that will get your home ready for the arrival of warm weather and outdoor fun:

  • Bring flowers indoors and plant flowers outdoors.

Spring Daffodils

Via Driven By Decor


The beautiful pastel colors associated with the Easter holiday are perfectly complemented by a variety of spring flowers like tulips, irises, and daffodils. Whether you display bouquets inside your home or plant outdoors, spring flowers are a beautiful and easy way to celebrate Easter and the arrival of warm weather. They also make excellent hiding spots for Easter eggs, but make sure you remember all the hiding spots you chose for the eggs—especially if your hunt takes place indoors!


  • Make Easter wreaths for your doors and windows.

DIY Easter Wreath

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Although holiday wreaths are most commonly associated with Christmas, they also make great decorations for Easter and springtime. Making an Easter wreath at home is simple: start with an plain wreath made from natural or synthetic materials like vines or fir. Then, use a strong adhesive and attach colorful plastic Easter eggs throughout the wreath. You can also include other colorful elements like ribbons, bows, and plastic flowers to add more design elements.


  • Display Easter baskets throughout your home.

Easter Mason JArs

Via The Wow Style


Easter baskets are a perfect décor craft to do with the kids. To get started, find unused wicker or plastic baskets and stuff them with grass, pine, and other plants. Then fill them with Easter-related items and décor, including Easter eggs, ribbons, bows, and other colorful flourishes. You can also add small decorative rabbits and garden-related items to complete the look. If you’re looking to get especially creative, change your baskets from wicker to glass by using small mason jars filled with grass and Easter eggs.


  • Make Easter egg planters.

Easter Egg Planters

Via Yes Missy


Intact egg shells with only the top portion removed make adorable Easter planters and pots. To remove the top of an egg shell and create a tiny planter, use a sharp knife and carefully cut through the shell without cracking the areas around where you are cutting. With the inside of the shell emptied and rinsed out, stuff the egg with grass and flowers. Paint the shell a solid pastel color, or take the time to paint small intricate designs to make your Easter egg planters stand out when displayed around your home.


  • Fill your wheelbarrow with flowers and colorful plants.

Wheel Barrow Planter

If you’re looking for a creative way to add color and beauty to your outdoor area, the solution may be in your garage or toolshed. Wheelbarrows are great to have around when you need to move soil or heavy items, but when they’re not in use, they can take up large amounts of space. If you’re not planning on using your wheelbarrow anytime soon, put it to work by turning it into an improvised planter. Fill it with soil and beautiful flowers then place it in a prominent location in your outdoor area.


  • Stuff your old rain boots with flowers and hang up your umbrellas.

Rain Boot Planter

Via Twelve Oaks Manner


Although the warm weather of spring can be a major relief, but frequent rain showers and thunderstorms can drive you back indoors. Because there’s a strong association between spring and rain, you can take advantage of that fact with your décor by utilizing an old pair of rain boots and an unused umbrella. Stuff your rain boots (preferably ones that are brightly colored) full of grasses and flowers for a quirky and creative display, and hang up old umbrellas complete with Easter adornments like flowers, bows, and ribbons as substitute wreaths or just as general wall hangings.


  • Paint Mason jars Easter/spring colors and display them in your kitchen.

Spring Mason Jars

Via Mason Jar Crafts Love


It can be tough to incorporate an Easter/spring theme in your kitchen, but if you have a handful of old Mason jars in your cupboards, you’re just a few coats of paint away from having a beautiful display. Make sure that your jars are thoroughly cleaned and dried—then, apply a few coats of pastel paint across every square inch of the surfaces of the jars. Make sure the paint you use is completely dry and nonflammable, because when you’re done, you can place small tea candles inside of the jars to create a beautiful glowing Easter display in your kitchen or anywhere else in your home.

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