DIY Wooden Slat Pumpkins

With Halloween just around, the corner fall decorations are everywhere. Carving pumpkins is a big part of a lot of family’s Halloween traditions, but the mess that goes along with it is often a huge headache. Although seasoned and baked pumpkin seeds are amazing, digging through pumpkin guts is not. This little pumpkin project allows you and your family to get that jack o’ lantern feel without the huge gooey mess.

You will need:

  • 19 6” Wooden Slat Samples
  • Orange and Black Paint
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Two Wine Corks
  • Rustic Rope

This project makes three pumpkins, two small and one large. Start by gathering your wooden slats together and getting your glue gun hot. Make sure you have more glue sticks nearby because you will need them! For each of the small pumpkins, you will need five slats. Place two of the slats on a flat surface side-by-side. Take a third slat and cover the bottom side with hot glue. Working quickly, place it flat in the middle if the first two slats. Then, cover the top side of the third slat with hot glue and place two slats on top, lining them up with the first two slats to make a thicker rectangle. Do the same thing with 5 other slats and place the two rectangles aside.

small side

For the large pumpkin, you will need nine slats. Place three of the slats on a flat surface side-by-side to create a rectangle. Then, take three more slats and place them side-by-side, connected to the other three slats at the ends. This will look like an even larger rectangle. Grab one more slat and cover the bottom side with hot glue. Place in over the connecting ends of the previously laid slats to keep them all together. Do the same at the bottom of the connecting slats to keep them from separating. When you flip in over, it should look like a cohesive rectangle. To give the illusion of a top hat, hot glue another slat over the connecting edges at a slight angle.


Paint both sides of the small pumpkin rectangle lightly with orange paint. Make sure to let one side dry before you paint the other.

small pumpkin

Paint the bottom half of the big pumpkin orange, leaving the “hat” part as is.

big pumpkin

Once the paint in fully dry, glue a wine cork at the top of both small pumpkins so that it looks like a stem. Take your rope, tie it in a bow and then hot glue it where the cork and the pumpkin meet. Put the small pumpkins aside.


To decorate the larger pumpkin’s hat, glue a piece of rope around the top.


Cut a two-inch piece of rope and pull apart the threads. Layer the threads at the base of the pumpkin’s hat to create a rustic flower.


For a finishing touch, paint a little jack o’ lantern face on the large pumpkin and you’re done!


Line your pumpkins up on your mantle or spread them out around the house. These little guys will brighten up your fall decor and you won’t have to worry about any rotting pumpkins!



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