DIY “Scrap” Dog Bed Cover

If you have dogs, you know no matter how clean you try to keep them, their bed eventually gets dirty and torn up (by nails or teeth), but there’s no need to throw it away! Dog beds can get expensive, especially if you have a large K-9, so we came up with a DIY project to refresh your pet’s favorite place and let them know you care. This cover is a classic envelope style that will fit neatly over the bed and is easily removed for washing. We used our leftover fabric window shade samples because the fabric is very durable and can stand up to puppy rough-housing. Depending on the size of the dog bed, this project can take an afternoon or a week (sorry all you big dog owners).

You will need:

  • Durable Thread
  • Scrap Fabric Squares
  • Sewing Machine
  • Large Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Straight Pins
  • Old Dog Bed (works best for a square or rectangle bed)


Before you can begin on your cover, you must first measure the bed you would like to renew. This can be a rough measurement, you just need to make sure the cover will be bigger than the bed. Measure the width by starting at the right edge and looping your tape measure all the way around the underside of the bed to meet the other end of the tape. Add about 4-6 inches to this measurement because the envelope cover will overlap. Measure the height by starting at the bottom edge and pulling the tape all the way to the top. Add about 2 inches to this measurement just to be safe.


Gather all of your scrap fabric squares together and begin laying them side-by-side until you reach the width you need to reach around the bed. This will be the length you use for all of your strips. Then, arrange more squares vertically until it is the length of the measured height. Count the number of squares you used to reach the height. This will roughly be the number of long strips you will need to cover the bed. Create piles of fabric squares that can be sewn together to be the correct width. Create enough piles to add up to the height.


Grab a fabric pile and start to sew the wrong sides together to create a long strip and then set aside.


Continue with this step for the rest of the fabric piles.


Then sew the wrong sides of the strips together length-wise, staggering the strips so the seams don’t line up, until you have a long patch-work quilt that will fit all the way around your dog bed. Cut off any excess fabric on the ends so that they are even. Turn the short ends under a half-inch and sew a hem on either side. You can pin the fabric to make it stay in place as you sew.



Fold the quilt about three-fourths of the way over itself so the wrong side are touch. Sew the sides together, leaving a half-inch seam.


Fold the other side of the quit over itself, letting it over-lap the already sew half about 4-6 inches (depending on the size of your bed). Sew these sides together, continuing to sew past the over-lap. When you’re done, you should have a little pocket.


Use the pocket to turn the cover right-side-out and straighten out the corners.


If you would like, you can stop here and insert your old dog bed. Or, you can use your sewing machine to add 3-4 button holes and buttons to the pocket for a sturdier closure.


Once you have placed the cover over the bed, just lay it on the floor and watch your puppies enjoy a comfortable snooze!

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