DIY “Patchwork” Apron (no pattern)

I hate letting pretty fabrics go to waste. We have so many fabric options for shades that are constantly being replaced with new styles or trends, leaving tons of perfectly good scraps in the trash. For this week’s DIY project, I saved the fabric from the landfill by upcycling them into a pretty and functional apron!


  • Fabric scraps (cut into 3-inch squares or rectangles)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Solid colored lining fabric
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Scissors (jagged edge)


Begin by gathering together scraps along the same color scheme (I chose blue) and a few (12-15) scraps of white fabric to be used as a trim and tie. Sewed together the white strips (wrong sides together) until you have a length of fabric that you can comfortably tie in a bow behind yourself.


Because of how thin I wanted the trim to be, sewing the wrong sides together and then flipping it ride-side out seemed like a huge time sucker (it was, I tried). So make things a little easier on yourself, fold each long side of the fabric and iron it down, so you can easily sew a hem. Then set aside the trim.


Organize a pile of blue themed scraps, making sure to alternate patterns. Sew the blue scraps together (wrong sides facing each other) until it’s long enough to cover the front of your body. It took about 6-7 squares for mine. Make about 6-8 patchwork strips (depending on how long you want it) and then sew the long-sides together to create a sort-of patchwork square. Cut the uneven edges away and round out the bottom corners.


Then pin the top of the wrong side of the square to the wrong side of the white trim/tie so that the tying fabric is even on both sides. Sew the two together. Before adding the lining fabric, iron down each seam and cut away any excess.


Pin the lining around the edge of the patchwork square wrong side up. Cut out the lining, using your square as a pattern.


Leave the pins in and sew them together, leaving three inches un-sewn for turning.


Turn your apron ride-side out and close your seam. Iron out any wrinkles or bubbles. Tie your apron behind your back and get ready to bake!