Can You See Through Interior Solar Shades?

Wow, who’d have thought there’s so much to shades? Solar shades are yet another option for your home.

One of the most common questions we get about them is, “Can people see in your window if you have them?”

Before we answer that, let’s talk a little bit about solar shades first.

The Primary Benefit of Solar Shades

If you live in a sunny area, or if you just like the inside of your home a little darker, you probably already have some sort of window treatment for that purpose. But, the problem is they generally let in some light.

So if you’re in your living room or bedroom trying to watch TV, you get a little (maybe a lot) glare.

Then, let’s say you want to look outside. Now you have to adjust your blinds or shades so you can do that, which sacrifices some of your privacy.

Glare, privacy loss – kind of annoying, right?

Solar Shades Reduce Glare and Solar Heat While Preserving Your View Outside

Solar shades really work their best during the daytime. And like their name hints, they’re good at combatting the sun’s bright light and heat.

Solar shades have what you call an “openness factor.” It’s indicated in a percentage, and the lower the number, the more heat the solar shades reflect. You also get greater daytime privacy as the openness factor goes down.

The common percentage range is from 1-10%.

You also should know that different colors affect the performance of these shades in various ways. Darker colors, for example, absorb the sun’s infrared heat rather than reflecting it. As a result, you get a better view outside, but warmer temperatures inside your home. Darker fabric with a low openness factor also darkens your room quite a bit so you might need to turn on some lights to make up for that.

Naturally, light colors do the exact opposite. You get better daytime privacy and reflect more heat outside, which cools the interior of your home.

What if You Want Sunlight Blocked During the Day and Privacy at Night?

There is just such a solution for you. It is possible to install two, independently operating shades in one window that have different levels of protection.

During the day, you pull the solar shade. At night, you pull the privacy shade.

So Can People Outside See into Your Home?

Because solar shades are designed for light control and not privacy, they’re not that great at giving you privacy. During the day, you get a limited amount. At night, it’s very easy for people to see inside your home.

If privacy is your most important concern and you still want the benefits of solar shades, go with day/night shades.

And That is That!

So there you have it – the benefits and drawbacks of solar shades. If you’re considering them, now you can make an informed decision that works best for your personal needs.

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