Can You Cut Your Own Blinds?

Quick answer: yes, you can certainly cut your own blinds.

BUT it does void your warranty. We have a better solution with our “Fit or FREE Guarantee.” It’s generally better to have us do the work. Here’s how it works:

• Say your blinds don’t fit
• Contact us with the correct sizes you need
•We will remake up to 5 blinds under our FOF Guarantee. We pay for the blinds, you pay for the shipping, $15 per blind plus the price difference (if your replacement blinds cost more than the original blinds).
• If you have more than 5 blinds, we will give you a significant discount to remake the additional blinds at the new sizes
• We ask that you don’t throw out the original blinds. Either give them to a friend or donate them to a local charity.

If You Really Want to Cut Your Own Blinds, you need a power saw and a pair of tin snips

Just remember, cutting down your own blinds will void your warranty. Here’s a simple process for cutting your own blinds to the right size:

1. Cut Your Headrail

The headrail is usually made of aluminum. You can cut it with a pair of tin snips or a hacksaw. You get a cleaner, easier cut with a hacksaw.

If you’re not experienced with tin snips, do be aware it’s more difficult to cut accurately. Tin snips also leave behind metal burrs that can cut you. Use a metal file to remove those burrs.

Don’t worry a ton about the looks of the cut – it’ll be hidden by the brackets.

Mark the headrail with a line where you want to cut. Then remove the end stiffener and cut along your marks. Bend the cut portions out as you cut to make cutting easier.

Put the end stiffener back on when you finish.

2. Cut Your Slats

You really need to use a power saw if possible. If you’re not comfortable with one, you can use a hacksaw but we don’t recommend it because the edges will not be smooth. Make sure you have a new blade in either saw.

To keep the ladders centered, you will need to cut equal amounts off both sides of the blinds.

Here’s the rest of the process:

• Align all slats so they’re even
• Clamp or rubber-band them together
• Wrap the end in masking tape so your slats don’t chip (make sure it covers your entire cutting area)
• Make your mark
• Keep the headrail out of the way
• Start cutting – and cut slow so you don’t cause any chipping
• Remove the tape, clamp or rubber band

3. Cut Your Valance

•Your valance should be 1/8 inch less than your window’s width, so measure and mark accordingly
•Cut your valance with your saw, again making sure to cut slowly so you prevent chipping

Always Measure Twice!

Do this as when you order your blinds from us or if you want to cut down something. Mistakes happen, but by double-checking your measurements, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Do you really want to cut your own blinds? No – you probably just want to mount them and enjoy their beauty. Plus our Fit or Free Guarantee is the much better option.

But, if you take all appropriate precautions and still end up with a mistake, now you know how to fix it.