Blinds and Valances: Can You Order Cassette Valances Later?

Don’t want to look at the tube and hardware at the top of your roller shades? Cassette valances conceal the top of your roller shades and give your home a much more beautiful look. The pleasing curved face of the cassette valance is covered with the same fabric used on your roller shades.

Also, the cassette valance was specifically designed for homeowners who are doing their own installation. Mounting a shade with a cassette valance is much easier than a plain roller shade. The hardware is mounted to the top of the window and the cassette valance just snaps into place.

But what if you don’t have the budget to buy them now? Or what if you have already ordered and installed your roller shades and want to add cassette valances?

Can You Order Valances Later On?

Unfortunately, no, because the roller shades actually mount inside the headrail. The components and deductions are totally different from a roller shade without a cassette headrail.

So if you want cassette valances, get them right away.

If you buy roller shades without the cassette valance and later want to cover them, there is another option: Fascia Valances. However, fascia valances are tricky to install and cost more than the Cassette Valances. You will need to contact our customer service team to discuss this option.

In fact, anytime you don’t see what you want on our website, please contact our knowledgeable customer service team. We love to solve problems for customers who have unusual window covering needs.