Benefits of Exterior Solar Shades

Exterior areas are the perfect places to relax and unwind, but the heat, intense sunlight and lack of privacy can make some homeowners less likely to enjoy these areas as much as they could. Thankfully, exterior solar shades are the perfect option to reclaim exterior spaces, including sunrooms, decks, balconies, porches, and pool enclosures.

If you’ve considered adding exterior solar shades to your outdoor area but need a little more convincing, here are a few unique benefits that you’ll enjoy right away:

• Keep cool in the summer

It’s hard to fully enjoy your outdoor areas during the summer—especially when temperatures soar and the sun’s rays are at their most intense. Exterior solar shades can significantly reduce the amount of heat that is transferred into your exterior area and even the adjacent rooms of your home. That also means your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you money on your utility bills.

• Block the sun’s UV rays

The sun’s rays can be extremely damaging to your skin, contributing to everything from premature aging to skin cancer. While many home’s outdoor spaces may have covered roofs, direct sunlight in the morning or evening—or even sunlight reflected off water or other surfaces—can cause skin damage after just brief periods of exposure. Exterior solar shades significantly reduce harmful UV rays from the sun and make it safe for you to enjoy your exterior area no matter the time of day.

• Reduce fading and sun damage to your furniture

Just as the sun can damage your skin, it can also damage your furniture and anything that receives frequent exposure to its rays. Whether it’s the fabric on a chair or the wood grain on a table, constant and intense sunlight exposure can quickly cause furniture to lose its color, luster, and vibrancy, resulting in a dingy and washed-out appearance. By significantly reducing the intensity of the sun’s UV rays, exterior solar shades can help protect your furniture and extend its lifespan.

• Preserve your beautiful view

One of the most appealing parts of having an exterior area is enjoying the view. Whether your exterior area overlooks your pool, your lawn, or your neighborhood, preserving your view is a requirement for any exterior window coverings—and exterior solar shades deliver. Blindster offers exterior solar shades with high levels of transparency, which means you’ll barely be able to see them. But despite their sheer appearance, even the most view-preserving exterior solar shades are still highly effective at blocking out sunlight and reducing heat.

• Increase and protect your family’s privacy

For many homeowners, enjoying their exterior areas means feeling less secure and more exposed—especially if their home is in a neighborhood with small lot sizes and many homes build closely together. Exterior solar shades are the perfect solution for increasing privacy in exterior areas. Because Blindster offers a variety of exterior solar shades, you can find one that perfectly matches your need for preserving your view while also increasing and protecting your family’s privacy.

• Reduce harsh glare during all hours of the day

If your outdoor area is near a body of water, including a pool, pond, stream, or lake, there’s a good chance that the sunlight’s reflection off the water can produce a strong glare during certain hours of the day. Exterior solar shades can reduce the glare and reflection—which means you can enjoy your outdoor area without the need for sunglasses.

• Enhance your home’s beauty

While some homeowners may think of exterior solar shades as being purely functional items, there are actually many stylish and beautiful options for outdoor spaces. At Blindster, we offer a wide variety of exterior solar shades, including many different designs, colors, levels of transparency, and installation options. You can also try before you buy by ordering a free sample of any exterior solar shade listed on our website.

• Can be custom made to fit almost any outdoor space

Outdoor spaces can range from screened and glassed-in porches to sunrooms and large balconies. All of these areas require different sizes and installment options for exterior solar shades, and all of them can be accommodated through Blindster. In addition, exterior solar shades can be installed like traditional shades and mounted flush inside window frames, and they can also be mounted outside the window frame on the wall, the window molding, or even the ceiling itself for maximum versatility and compatibility

• Easily raised and lowered

The benefits of exterior solar shades in the summer may be less important during the winter—especially when it comes to blocking out the sun’s rays. Thankfully, it’s quick and easy to raise and lower exterior solar shades, giving you maximum control over the privacy and lighting of your outdoor area. Keep the shades lowered during the summer to block out UV light and reduce heat, and raise them in the winter to allow the sun to warm your outdoor area.

• Designed to withstand the elements

Unlike traditional indoor shades, exterior solar shades are designed to hold up under tough conditions for years and years. Blindster’s exterior solar shades are tested to endure the harshest elements of nature, including constant sunlight exposure, torrential rainfall, and strong winds. Once your exterior solar shades are installed, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your outdoor area will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays for years to come with minimal maintenance required.

• Protect your outdoor space from insects and pests

Your outdoor area should be a comfortable space free from distractions, but it’s hard to enjoy it when you’re fighting off insects like flies or mosquitoes. Exterior solar shades provide a solid barrier between your family and unwanted pests and reduce your need for bug sprays and other pest-blocking devices.

• Preserve the sounds of nature

For outdoor areas that aren’t glassed-in, exterior solar shades provide protection on par with even tinted windows while also preserving the sounds of nature. That means you can enjoy the sounds of your children splashing in the pool or a pleasant rainfall while also enjoying protection from the sun and increased privacy.