5 Stylish Bar Cart Ideas

A bar cart is an item many people overlook when stocking their homes with the essentials for entertaining friends, family members, and guests. However, a well thought-out and designed cart can make a big difference at your next get-together.

Whether you typically serve wine and cheese, whiskey and snacks, or anything in between, these bar cart ideas are sure to liven up the atmosphere and keep your guests well-fed and enjoying themselves into the night.

The Whiskey Cart

After being the nation’s drink of choice for decades, whiskey is once again becoming more and more popular as people try out new varieties and revisit old classics. To match the warmth and characteristic sweetness of this spirit, use a bar cart made of real wood—and the older the wood, the better.

Stained wood works best to capture the look and feel of an old-time speakeasy, and the beautiful wood grain will match the oak-flavor many whiskeys are known for. Make sure you stock with enough variety to give your guests conversation starters and comparisons. Having a few varieties of bourbon, Irish whiskey, Canadian whiskey, and Tennessee whiskey will go a long way toward completing the experience for you and your guests.

The Wine Cart

Whether you’re serving a single varietal or a wide variety of wines, you can’t go wrong by offering them to your guests on a beautiful wine cart.

Pair vintage wines with a restored and vintage wine cart, and serve newer wines and blends on carts with more modern designs. Make sure you have enough room on your cart for finger foods that pair well with wine, such as meats and cheese. Finally, don’t forget to offer your guests small snacks that work to cleanse the palette between wines, like crackers and small pieces of bread.

The Beer Cart

Bar carts aren’t the exclusive domain of wine and spirits. If you and your guests prefer beer, it’s a snap to convert a traditional bar cart to one capable of serving up the finest IPAs, lagers, and stouts. Because you’ll want to keep your beer cold, it’s important to choose a bar cart that’s large enough to hold a cooler or large bucket of ice. Some carts have ice buckets built in, making them perfect for storing several bottles or cans of beer.

In addition, you can also pick out carts with designated spaces to chill and hold small beer kegs, which allows you to save room on top for appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, and snacks. To get the full experience, stock the cart with multiple bottle openers, koozies, and coasters, so your guests can easily open, store, and rest their beers wherever they go.

The Cocktail Cart

Cocktails are the perfect drinks when serving a large number of guests, because they provide something for everyone. To get started creating the ultimate cocktail bar cart, choose a cart with dividers that allow you to easily separate liquors, liqueurs, and mixers. That allows guests to more easily create their own drinks without accidentally mixing the wrong ingredients. In addition, it’s important to keep certain mixers and liqueurs chilled, so keep an ice bucket handy for those bottles.

Designate an additional space for garnishes and fruit, such as olives, limes, cherries, and other flourishes that put the finishing touches on drinks. Finally, make sure guests have access to plenty of straws for drinking and stirring, napkins to wipe up any spills, and glasses to pour themselves and their guests the drinks of their choosing.

The All In One Cart

If your guests have eclectic tastes in beverages and you know you won’t be able to please everyone by offering one type of drink, take the all-encompassing approach and build a bar cart with all of the above drinks. When it comes to building an all-in-one cart, functionality beats style simply due to the amount of space needed to pull it off. The larger the cart and the more divisions the better off you’ll be, as you’ll need room to separate every type of drink and have enough room to keep certain drinks cold.

Make sure you choose a heavy-duty cart that’s both easily moved and capable of holding a substantial amount of weight. You can also split your drinks into two carts for added room and versatility if one cart becomes too overwhelmed with food, mixers, and assorted drink accessories.

No matter what type of cart you set out on creating, take your time and create something that will look great for any occasion. If you take your time and get creative by sanding, painting, polishing, and accessorizing your cart to match your home, your tastes, and your reason for celebrating, you simply can’t go wrong no matter what style you choose.