How to Simplify Your Cleaning By Creating a Weekly Schedule

Keeping your home clean and tidy can be a big challenge—especially if you have children and pets. It’s even more daunting when life gets in the way and all your big cleaning projects get pushed back to the weekend. Suddenly your days that are meant for relaxing are instead spent catching up on laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming, wiping down countertops, and cleaning your bathroom. Obviously, that’s not an ideal way to spend your precious weekend hours.

Instead of packing in all of that cleaning on the weekend, consider tackling one task per day throughout the week. By creating a schedule and making sure everyone in your family sticks to it, your day of cleaning instead turns into mini-cleaning events throughout the week, freeing up more time for you to do the things that you love. Check out Blindster’s schedule below and reclaim your weekend and enjoy the perks of a clean house every day of the week.




Nobody likes Mondays, but they’re a great time to get a head start on your cleaning tasks for the rest of the week. Use this day to tackle any small projects around the house and tidy up rooms before you leave them. Make it a habit to wipe down the countertops in your kitchen and bathroom after you use them for the last time at night, and collect all trash in the house and take it outside. You can also do quick and light dusting of your blinds, window sills, bookshelves, and other areas of your where dust tends to accumulate.



On Tuesdays, deep clean your bathrooms. Depending on the last time you did a deep cleaning, the first time around could be fairly time-consuming, but once you get in a weekly habit of cleaning every bathroom in your home, you’ll find that you can complete the entire task in less than 30 minutes. Use a vacuum or broom to sweep up any loose hairs on the floor and clean the sinks, mirrors, and faucets. You should also clean the toilet and shower. To make this task go even faster, consider using a shower brush to briefly clean while you’re actually in the shower in the mornings. Even a 30-second scrub repeated every weekday morning can keep your shower looking and smelling great.



Use the midpoint of your week to clean your kitchen, including any small messes inside your refrigerator and microwave. Wipe down all countertops and clean the inside of your sink. Put away any clean dishes from your dishwasher and reload it with any remaining in the sink. To make kitchen cleaning go faster, always load dirty dishes and silverware directly into your dishwasher after using them. Keeping dishes out of the sink is a surefire way to prevent a growing mess in your kitchen. Finish off the room with a light vacuuming and mopping using a wet-jet mop.



There’s a good chance your living room accumulates the greatest amount of dust and dirt in your home due to it being the room your family spends the most time in on a daily basis. And while it’s easy to stay on top of small messes by tidying up at the end of every day, larger messes can accumulate very quickly, especially with pets and kids in the house. Use Thursdays to vacuum your living room floor and wipe down your coffee and end tables. Dust your television, TV stand, and any electronics in the room, and use a pet/hair roller attachment on your vacuum to remove any pet hair from your furniture.



After a long week at work, the last thing you want on your mind is cleaning your home—and that’s why Friday’s task should be the lightest of all. Use this day to simply clean up any messes as you see them, but don’t go out of your way to tackle any big cleaning projects. Enjoy your time off and the promise of what your weekend holds in store for your family. Best of all, with a regular cleaning schedule, your home likely won’t even need much cleaning by Friday evenings to begin with.

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Take the time on Saturday mornings to hit any spots in your home that you weren’t able to clean throughout the week. Vacuum the hallways and stairs, dust off the ceiling fans and the tops of hard to reach places, and do a quick cleaning of the baseboards of at least one or two rooms in your home each week. You can also use Saturdays to devote a half hour to a bigger project, such as donating old clothes or reorganizing a closet. Freeing up space in your home can go a long way toward making it feel much cleaner, more inviting, and more open than ever before.



With almost all of the big tasks completed in your household, make Sunday a designated laundry. Have everyone in your family collect and divide their worn clothes into piles that can be washed together, including brights, colors, and delicates. Then, make everyone pitch in by assigning each member of your family to gather and fold or hang up each article of their own clothing after it comes out of the dryer. Although washing and drying clothes for your family can certainly be a time-consuming task, giving it its own day of the week with no other projects lined up—as well as having the rest of your family pitch in—can make it a much quicker and easier job.