2015 Customer Showcase Favorites

The old year is coming to a close and the new year is fast approaching. We have received so many amazing customer photos of our blinds and shades in 2015 since the start of our $500 photo contest. Though everyone couldn’t win, we thought some were deserving in a little Blindster love. So, here are some of our favorite customer photos that didn’t win the contest.

Ashley T.

Deluxe Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades



adam thompson


Becky T.

Premium Solar Shades Exotic Collection


becky tate


Dustin W.

2 1/2″ Premium Wood Blinds



Donald B.

Premium Bamboo Woven Wood Shades Group D
donald blejwas


Elizabeth C.

Super Value Bamboo Woven Wood Shades


Fran H.

Horizontal Flat Sheer Shades

fran howard

Grover H.

Deluxe Bamboo Woven Wood Shades Group B


Grover Hardman

Jill S.

Premium Bamboo Woven Wood Shades Group C


Jill Schneider Stanek

Johanne P.

Deluxe Room Darkening Fabric Roller Shades

johanne pradel

Jonelle S.

2 1/2″ Premium Faux Wood Blinds


Jonelle Sherburne

Kathleen C.

Deluxe Bamboo Woven Wood Shades Group B

Kathleen Clay

Kimberle B.

Premium Roman Shades Group D

kimberle bobinski

Kristy S.

Deluxe Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades 

kristy schmidt

Lenora B.

Super Value Cordless Double Cellular Shades

lenora brown

Nancy G.

Premium Roman Shades Group B


nancy gray


Patricia S.

Premium Roman Shades Group B

patricia schmid

Rachel D.

2″ Super Value Faux Wood Blinds

rachel donovan

Roger W.

1″ Aluminum Blinds

roger wise

Sonya Y.

2″ Super Value Wood Blinds

sonya young

Stephanie D.

2″ Premium Faux Wood Blinds

stephanie drew

Suzanne G.

Super Value Bamboo Woven Wood Shades

suzanne gallagher

Tammy C.

Premium Roman Shades Group D

tammy carter



5 Best Blinds for Your Baby’s Room

If you recently became a parent for the first time or you just added a new bundle of joy to your family, you’ve undoubtedly seen the impact a baby can have on your life and your home. For many parents, style and contemporary décor take a backseat to making their homes as comfortable and convenient as possible for themselves and their babies.

While you’re busy setting up the bassinet, babyproofing every sharp corner and hard surface in your home, and putting together an endless array of toys, car seats, and high chairs, you may forget one key component of making your baby as safe and comfortable as possible: getting the right window treatments for his or her room.

It’s no secret that a baby who sleeps through the night can be a godsend for parents, and controlling the lighting in your baby’s room can be a huge factor in determining the amount of sleep everyone in your family gets during those first few hectic months. It’s also important to make sure any window treatments you install are safe for babies and children of all ages.

For a list of window treatments that are stylish, safe for children of all ages, and effective at controlling the amount of outside light that enters your home, check out Blindster’s suggestions below:

deluxe fabric

Although we ship every window treatment with a free cord cleat to make them safer for homes with babies, children, and pets, cordless shades may be the ideal window coverings for your baby’s room. In addition to easy cordless operation, our Deluxe Fabric Roller Shades are also excellent at blocking out light and insulating the room from both hot/cold weather and loud noises. Installing these shades makes it easy to achieve the ideal lighting, temperature, and sound level in any room in your home—especially the room where it counts the most.

cordless cellular design

Controlling the lighting in your baby’s room doesn’t always mean making the room as dark as possible. In fact, many babies thrive in rooms that are bathed in soft, natural lighting as opposed to harsh lighting from overhead light fixtures and lamps. As the name implies, our Deluxe Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up Cellular Shades can be opened and closed from the top and bottom, giving you the ultimate control over privacy, lighting, and view of the outside. Like our Deluxe Fabric Roller Shades, this window treatment is also excellent for providing sound and noise insulation.

blackout cellular shades

As every new parent knows, the slightest disruption in your baby’s routine can cost him or her—and everyone else in your family, for that matter—precious hours of sleep. Sometimes that disruption can be something as fleeting and unpredictable as car headlights shining into the room or a brief flash of lightning during a rainstorm. Our Premium Blackout Single Cellular Shades are perfect for eliminating the possibility that your baby’s rest will be disturbed by sudden bright (or not so bright) lights from the outdoors. In addition, these shades can also be ordered with a cordless option at no extra charge, making them the ideal safe and effective window treatment for your baby’s room.

wand option

If your baby’s room has large windows, or if you just want an alternative to drapes and curtains, our Fabric Vertical Blinds will fit the bill perfectly. Created using a soft and light-filtering fabric, these blinds can cover huge windows and doorways up to 129” wide and 129” long. Choose from 10 unique colors when placing your order, including Contrast Ivory, Contrast Light Green, and Contrast Claret, and add an optional PVC backing for better light blocking and insulation as well as a wand control for enhanced child-proofing.

roman shades christmas

When it comes to purchasing elegant and beautiful window coverings, it’s hard to beat the stylings offered by cordless Roman shades. Our Premium Roman Shades Group A are among our top-selling window treatments due to their luxurious appearance, but their effectiveness at blocking out light, protecting your family’s privacy, and matching the décor in your home also makes them a practical option for every room in your home—even your baby’s room. And if you’re looking for a specific color to fit your baby’s room, you can’t go wrong with this shade. Choose from 45 distinct colors, including Lucky Sateen Teal, Rio Cream, and beautiful patterns like Farrell Blossom Vintage Gold and Farrell Blossom Crimson. You can also take comfort knowing that this shade conforms to C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines, making it both beautiful and safe for your baby’s room.

8 Christmas Window Décor Ideas

Christmas is rapidly approaching, but if you haven’t completed your decorations just yet, or you’re still looking for the perfect finishing touches for your home, don’t worry—you aren’t alone, and it’s definitely not too late to get started.

With many people leaving their Christmas decorations up past New Year’s Day and even well into January, any hard work you put in to transforming your home into a winter wonderland over the next few days will still be viewable for several more weeks.

When it comes to Christmas decorations, many people stop after putting up a Christmas tree and a few strands of lights outside their homes. But there’s an often overlooked area of homes that can take Christmas décor to another level: windows. Every window in your home represents a prime opportunity to show off your holiday spirit and make your home a true Christmas paradise.

To take advantage of your windows when decorating your home for Christmas this year, check out Blindster’s tips below:

  • Display Mini-Christmas “Trees” in Your Windows


The Christmas tree is the focal point of Christmas decorations in most people’s homes, so why not extend it to other rooms in your house? Whether you buy artificial mini-trees or use real plants, displaying Christmas “trees”—complete with lighting and ornaments—in every window in your home is a surefire way to send your holiday décor to the next level. If you have children, you can let them pick out their own trees for their bedroom windows and let them decorate the trees with their own ornaments and lights.


  • Hang Christmas Wreaths


Christmas wreaths are a time-honored tradition for the holidays, and for good reason. Whether you display them in front of every window or just a few, Christmas wreaths bring an elegant beauty to your home. In fact, you may enjoy them so much that you’ll be reluctant to take them down after the holidays are over. There’s a ton of variety when it comes to Christmas wreaths, with some being subtle and understated, while others are lighted and include a robust display of ornaments and ribbons.


  • Create a Christmas Village in Your Windows


While this tip may not be practical for or apply to every window in your home, your windows at street level—especially if they’re bay windows or have windows seats—are the perfect place to create a Christmas village. Artificial snow can be purchased at many discount stores, while the individual buildings to begin creating your village can be purchased at many arts and crafts stores. Over the years, you can add to your village by purchasing more buildings, adding a working train set, and adding more and more decorative touches to the display.


  • Make and Display Your Own Snowflakes


For a quick and easy Christmas window display, homemade snowflakes are tough to beat. All you need is paper, scissors, and tape.


To get started, cut a piece of paper into a square. Then, fold it in half diagonally before folding it in half again. Next, fold one third of the triangle shape to the left or right before doing the same with the other side. Use the scissors to cut the top of the folded shape at an angle to create the individual points of the snowflake. Finally, cut small sections out of and into the snowflake, but be careful to not cut all the way through to the other side to avoid cutting it in half. Once unfolded, your paper will reveal a beautiful and unique snowflake that you can hang in your windows using tape or strings.


If you have children, enlist their help to make dozens of snowflakes that you can place in every window in your home for a dazzling Christmas display.


  • Paint Christmas Scenes in Your Windows Using Templates

Painting beautiful Christmas scenes in windows may seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re not the artsy type, but a template can make it an easy and enjoyable project for your family. To get started, make sure your windows are completely clean. A mixture of ammonia and water works well to not only remove built-up dirt and dust, but it will also wipe away without leaving a residue or film.


Next, purchase a temporary paint that washes away easily and is non-toxic, especially if you’re working with children.


Finally, search the internet for suitable templates of things like snowmen, Christmas trees, and snowflakes. Print the templates out and carefully cut them. Then, secure the templates against the windows using plenty of tape and paint into the empty spaces. Once the tape and templates are removed, you’ll have beautiful hand-painted window decorations that will last through the holidays.


  • Place Electric Candles in Your Windows


Displaying electric candles in every window is an inexpensive and safe Christmas decorative idea that takes almost no time to set up and only requires an accessible power outlet nearby. Electric candles are a much safer alternative than real candles—especially if you’re planning on using them in rooms where they will be left unattended—and they don’t sacrifice any of the beautiful, soft, and diffuse light that people on the street will see emanating from your home.


  • Turn Your Windows into Presents


If you don’t mind sacrificing your view of the outdoors for a few weeks, consider turning your windows into presents for a creative and original Christmas décor idea. All you need to do is cut a large section of Christmas wrapping paper into the shape of your window and tape it on the inside. On the outside of the window, secure a bow or ribbon to complete the look. Use this display for windows in rooms that don’t receive a lot of foot traffic, like spare bedrooms and bathrooms, to minimize the impact of blocking the view. Or better yet, turn your entire house into a present!


  • Use Ribbons to Hang Ornaments, Pine Cones, Candy Canes, and Other Decorative Touches

If you have spare ribbons in your house and need to make Christmas window displays but don’t feel like buying anything extra, cut the ribbons into thin strands and attach various Christmas-related items to the ends. Ornaments, painted pine cones, candy canes, and other holiday-inspired décor can all be attached easily to the ends of the ribbon using tape or glue and can add a great touch to your home’s Christmas decorations.

How to Make a New House Feel Like Home

Moving into a new home, whether you built it or bought it, can bring mixed emotions. On the one hand, it can feel liberating because it represents a blank slate and a milestone in your life—especially if it’s a house you plan on staying in for the foreseeable future. But on the other hand, it may take a long time for you and your family to feel comfortable and at ease in the new house.

Feeling slightly out of place in a new house is a common experience for homebuilders and homebuyers, particularly if they made a lot of memories at their previous homes or apartments. While each member of your family will adjust to the move at his or her own pace, there are a number of things you can do right now to hasten the process.

So if you just moved into a new house that just doesn’t quite feel like home yet, check out Blindster’s tips for settling in and putting your own personal stamp on your four new walls.

  • Start making new memories right away.

For many homeowners, feelings of being homesick for a former house or apartment aren’t necessarily because they miss the space itself, but because they miss the memories they created there. To speed up the process of letting go of your old house and embracing your new home, let loose and have fun—even while you’re busy unpacking and decorating. If you have kids, plan a family game or movie night as soon as possible, and encourage your children to invite their friends over, so they can explore the new house and new neighborhood together. If it’s just you and your spouse or partner, have a housewarming party or enjoy a few favorite dinners together at home.


  • Paint the walls colors you like.

If you built a new house, your walls are a blank canvas when you move in, but if you bought a house that was previously lived in, chances are the color scheme isn’t a perfect match to your tastes. Regardless of the situation you find when you first walk through the door, move-in day is the perfect time to start painting bare or questionably colored walls. Don’t be afraid to choose colors that go against the grain or seem non-traditional—part of feeling at home in your new house is putting your own touches on the décor.


  • Get your personal items unpacked and displayed as soon as possible.

A house with four blank walls feels like just that—a house. It’s not until the walls are decorated with family portraits or cherished pieces of artwork that a house starts to feel like a home. But the personal items you should unpack right away go beyond just décor—you’ll also want to have quick and easy access to the essentials in your bathrooms and kitchen, not to mention recreational and entertainment items like televisions, computers, stereos, and gaming consoles. The sooner you get everyone in your family back in their normal routines, the sooner everyone will acclimate to your new house.


  • Fill your refrigerator and pantry.

It’s not uncommon for families and new homeowners to live off pizza and takeout for the first couple of weeks after they move into their new digs. But doing that tends to prolong the feeling that you’re living in someone else’s space, or worse—a glorified hotel room. After you move, put grocery shopping at the top of your list and get it done as soon as possible. Cooking meals in your new home is an easy way to get acquainted with your new kitchen and to start bonding with your family over dinner in your new dining room or breakfast nook.


  • Don’t forget to make it smell like home.

One of the most overlooked parts of making a new house feel like home is getting it to smell just right. Every home has a unique smell. Things like new carpet, hardwood floors, paint, and even drywall all have very distinct smells that are even more prominent in homes that were recently constructed. Those smells, and the smells accumulated in older houses over the years can make your new home seem foreign and unfamiliar for years after you’ve moved in, especially if you’re used to the smell of your old home. While you may not be able to fully replicate the smell you were accustomed to before the move, try to match it as closely as possible by using the same air fresheners and laundry detergent, buying the same type of paint, and brewing the same type of coffee.


  • Fully unpack and get rid of your moving boxes.

It’s tempting to start moving at a snail’s pace with the move-in process after you’ve unpacked the essentials, but living in a house full of boxes with half of your belongings out of sight and out of reach is a surefire way to feel stressed and even regretful over the move. Your goal when moving into a new house should always be making it feel as comfortable and normal as possible, and that’s hard to do when you’re stepping over and around boxes. Busy schedules and life can get in the way of fully unpacking, but set a time for your family to sort through every box and put all of their belongings away—then, recycle the boxes or put them in storage so that they’re out of sight.


  • Take advantage of the “blank slate” and get organized right away.

If your previous home or apartment was a bit on the cluttered and disorganized side, now is the perfect time to break your bad habits. Organizing an entire house full of things is an exhausting and time-consuming job, but organizing an empty house as soon as you move in and begin to unpack is much easier. Easily cluttered areas like closets, cabinets, drawers, and even your garage can be organized and kept on track by designating spaces for certain items and sticking to that system as closely as possible in the future. The sooner that everything is in its rightful place, the sooner you will be able to relax and appreciate your new surroundings.


  • Enjoy all of the perks of your new home.

Moving can be a stressful experience, but amidst all the chaos and initial clutter, it helps to take a step back and remember why you moved in the first place. Whether you needed more room for a growing family, had to relocate to a new area, or simply wanted a nicer house, take the time to enjoy and appreciate the perks of your new home. Stretch out in your new living room, enjoy your new spacious shower or bathtub, or just bask in the glory of a quicker and easier commute to work. By embracing the upgrades your new home brings to the table, you’ll feel much more satisfied with your new surroundings and be less likely to get homesick for your old house.

How to Use Shades to Make Your Home Look Bigger

If your home or apartment is a bit lacking in the square footage department, you probably know all about getting creative when it comes to adding storage and finding ways to fit everything you need into small spaces. But creativity can only go so far, as your living space may soon look and feel completely cramped depending on your furniture and storage needs.

While you may not be able to start knocking down walls to create extra space for your belongings, you can do several things that minimize that cramped feeling—including changing your window coverings.

The blinds and shades you choose don’t just affect the amount of light that enters your home—they can also affect how big or small your home looks and feels. Choose the wrong window coverings and a small space feels even more cramped, but choose the right window coverings and previously tight quarters suddenly feel homey and breezy rather than confined and claustrophobic.

To give the smallest rooms in your home or apartment some extra breathing room without resorting to using a sledgehammer, check out Blindster’s tips below:

roller shades thin

  • Choose blinds and shades that are low-profile and flush with your windows.

Large, intricate, and billowing shades, such as certain types of Roman shades, cellular shades, and even vertical blinds can enhance your home’s beauty, but their design can also make small rooms feel even smaller. When choosing window coverings for tight spaces, always look for ones that are as low-profile as possible. That means roller shades, aluminum blinds, and wood blinds are all great options, as these window treatments are effective at both complementing your window and your décor without overwhelming the room.

sheer shades thin

  • Install sheer shades for the ultimate in natural light and openness.

Heavy, thick, and dark shades can look beautiful, but they aren’t always the best option for small rooms. Sheer shades, on the other hand, are among the most conducive to tight spaces. In addition to letting in huge amounts of natural light, they’re also unobtrusive both from a physical and visual standpoint. Letting in ample amounts of natural light always makes rooms look and feel larger, and the sheer materials and fabric used in sheer shades also make the window treatments seem to disappear at all hours of the day and night.


  • Mount your window treatments outside of your windows.

If your room seems small due to small windows—commonly found in garages, basements, laundry rooms, and other utility areas—creating the illusion of larger windows can also create the illusion of more square footage. Instead of mounting your window coverings flush inside your windows, considering mounting them outside of the window itself. By attaching them to the window frame, or wall, and allowing the edges to overlap frame by several inches. Your windows will appear up to a foot larger, which in turn, will make your room look and feel larger as well.


  • Hang a mirror facing your windows and window coverings.

Using a mirror to create the appearance of a larger room is a tried-and-true tactic, but it’s doubly effective if you use one to reflect your windows. A well-placed mirror can greatly enhance the effect your real windows have on your own perception of the size of your room and increase the amount of natural light inside your home.


  • Opt for light colors when choosing your blinds or shades.

Dark colors make a bold statement and can match your furniture and décor, but they can also make small spaces feel even more enclosed. Light colors, on the other hand, are perfect for making the most of your room’s square footage. In fact, for the best results, consider choosing shades with white or off-white fabric to maximize this effect. In addition to opening up your space, white décor also promotes feelings of calmness—especially when combined with ample amounts of natural light.


  • Think vertical for rooms with low ceilings.

Vaulted ceilings are becoming more and more popular in new homes, but if your home has a traditional low ceiling, there is a trick to making your ceiling seem higher. By mounting your window coverings close to your ceiling, your eye will be drawn upwards, creating a sense of verticality in your home that may have been missing due to the low ceilings.


  • Choose solid colors over textures and patterns.

If you’re opting for shades over blinds, choose shades that are monochromatic in color (with light colors being preferable). Shades that utilize a single color have a more matte and built-in appearance when mounted inside or outside windows than shades with intricate designs, textures, and patterns, all of which can subtly make rooms appear smaller. When square footage is an issue, every inch counts—even those created by visual tricks—and choosing solid colors is one way to create that advantage.


  • Opt for uniform colors across the board.

This requires a bit more planning and a higher cost than other tips and tricks, but if you’re serious about maximizing the appearance of your space, it may be one of the most effective of them all. Choose a single light color—such as white, grey, beige, or slate—and decorate your room almost entirely in that color. Yes, that includes paint, carpet, furniture, window coverings, and other assorted decorative items. The more uniform the colors are in a single room, the larger it will appear due to the lack of contrast.


  • Remove clutter from areas near your windows and window coverings.

Having large windows—or creating the illusion of large windows—is a small-room advantage that can be quickly wasted when you move too much “stuff” in front of them. Although it can be difficult to resist placing a table, chairs, or other essential furniture near a window due to your room’s layout, do your best to rearrange these items elsewhere or simply get rid of them altogether. An unobstructed view of your windows and the light they let into your home can dramatically increase the perceived size of your living space.

Top Reasons to Order Samples Before Placing Your Order


You’ve measured your windows. Gathered your tools. Read the reviews. Selected the optional components and features you want. All that’s left is clicking the “submit order” button.

The hard part is over and you’re ready to buy your new blinds and shades, but before you do, there’s one crucial step that can be the difference between getting the perfect window treatments to complement your home and being dissatisfied with your purchase.

That crucial step, of course, is ordering samples. At Blindster, we know that window coverings are a highly subjective purchase, and no amount of photos, informative descriptions, and online color swatches will give you the “big picture” of what your new blinds or shades will look like in your home quite like real-life samples.

Because of our huge selection of products, we offer our customers the chance to order up to 10 free samples from any product in any category, including wood blinds, faux wood blinds, roller shades, Roman shades, solar shades, and many more.

So if you’re considering making a purchase and outfitting your home with new window coverings, take the time to check out our list of reasons to order samples before you place your order:


  • Samples give you a better view of colors than online photographs.

Although we strive to make our online galleries of colors and patterns as accurate and true to life as possible, it can be difficult to get an exact representation on-screen due to the variations in displays. A color that appears dark blue on one monitor, phone, or tablet may appear almost purple on another screen. Without having a sample of the actual product in your hand, you may be unable to determine whether your new blinds or shades will match your home’s style, décor, and color scheme until the window treatments arrive at your home.


  • Samples help you see small details in fabric patterns and wood grain.

Much of the beauty in fabric shades and wood blinds comes from the small, intricate details present in the fabric and wood itself. It’s difficult to fully display those details on an electronic device, which means you may be missing out on subtle colors, shades, and patterns that truly bring out the beauty and elegance of certain types of window coverings. Having the sample in your hand also makes it easy to compare its pattern or wood grain to your furniture and décor, helping you avoid window treatments that simply don’t fit the aesthetics in your home.


  • Samples make it easier to enlist the help and opinions of others.

If you’ve narrowed down your options to just a handful of colors and patterns, but still can’t make a decision, having samples on hand makes it much easier to get opinions from your friends, family, and neighbors. In many cases, a quick glance from a distance at a color, pattern, or wood grain that’s being held up next to furniture or a painted wall will tell you more than hours spent analyzing colors online. And if you’re unsure about whether the color scheme or pattern matches, have others help you by asking their opinion on different samples.


  • Samples allow you to feel the texture of window coverings.

Texture is an often overlooked aspect of blinds and shades, but it’s an important thing to consider. Getting the right texture can go a long way toward making you fall in love with your new blinds and shades, while the wrong texture can leave you frustrated with your purchase. With online shopping, there’s no way to test the texture of the fabric, vinyl, aluminum, wood, or bamboo window covering you’re viewing in your Web browser. Our sample ordering process makes it easy to get your hands on the window coverings you’re interested in before you make your purchase.


  • Samples help you pick out furniture or paint for a new home or remodeling project.

At Blindster, we know that many of our customers purchase window coverings for new homes or renovation projects where a substantial amount of work and new purchases are taking place at the same time. In those cases, it can be difficult for homeowners to determine the right color or pattern for their new window coverings—or they may have difficulty picking out furniture or wall colors based on the blinds and shades they want to install. With samples of your favorite shades on hand, you can quickly compare various décor, furniture, and paint at the hardware or furniture store and get the right items and supplies for your home.


  • Samples let you look at the window covering under normal lighting conditions.

Seeing a certain color or pattern in person isn’t the only visual benefit to ordering samples or blinds and shades. The unique lighting in your home that your new window coverings will be exposed to during the day also plays a big role in their appearance and how well they complement your home’s décor. The appearance of a sheer shade in a room with moderate amounts of natural light may look completely different than when it’s placed in a room with plentiful natural lighting. With your samples, you can easily test how specific shades and blinds will look under a variety of lighting conditions in every room in your home.


  • Samples help you place your order with confidence.

Buying new window coverings can cause anxiety—especially if you’re outfitting multiple rooms in your home. You’ve spent hours researching, measuring, comparison shopping, reading reviews, and preparing for your new window treatments. The idea that your blinds or shades may be a poor fit for your home can be a distressing one. But, with samples your favorite choices right in front of you, you can feel much more confident with your order. Don’t second guess yourself and don’t be a victim of buyer’s remorse—request your 10 free samples before you place your order with Blindster and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will love your new window coverings.

Comparison Shopping – Buying Blinds Online vs In-Store

During the past decade, online shopping has taken the world by storm. People purchase everything, from movies and books, to large televisions, and even cars over the Internet. No service or product industry has been unaffected by this revolution in the way we browse for items, purchase them, and ultimately bring them into our homes—and that includes the industry of window coverings.

At Blindster, we pride ourselves on being one of the largest online retailers of blinds and shades in the world, but we also know that many homeowners are reluctant to purchase their window treatments sight unseen. That’s why we make every effort to provide our customers with the clearest pictures of our products and the most accurate and informative descriptions to help make the buying process as easy as possible.

If you’re a homeowner who prefers shopping in-store, or if you just need a little extra encouragement before submitting an order for your ideal window coverings, check out our list of reasons to buy online:

  • Quickly compare several blinds and shades at once.

One of the biggest perks of online shopping is the ability to quickly and easily compare huge numbers of products in a short amount of time. Whether you’re sorting them by window covering type, features, optional components, installation options, installation sizes, or prices, being able to access our database of products with the click of a mouse or the touch of a finger means you can narrow down your search in minutes.


  • Shop from the comfort of your home.

In terms of modern conveniences, it’s hard to beat the ability to shop from home. No more getting in the car, driving to a store, finding a place to park, fighting crowds, flagging down a salesperson, going through a checkout line, hauling your purchase to your vehicle, and driving back home (and not to mention using gas in the process). With online shopping, you never have to leave the couch (or put on real pants) and your new blinds or shades will arrive at your home within days, custom cut and ready for installation.


  • Take advantage of sales immediately.

Everyone loves a big sale—and everyone really loves a big sale where they save hundreds of dollars without ever leaving the couch. With brick-and-mortar stores, keeping track of sales can be difficult, as certain locations may not participate, or there may be other stipulations such as limited inventory at each store, required coupons to get the savings, or difficulty finding the items that have a reduced price. With online sales, there’s no hassle—you simply navigate to the page of the blinds or shades you want, add them to your cart, and check out. It’s that easy.


  • Never worry about store hours again.

Whether you’re a night owl or your work schedule means you’re asleep during traditional business hours, you know that trying to run errands and buy things for your home can be difficult when all of the local stores are closed. Online shopping at Blindster, on the other hand, has no opening or closing hours. Our website is up 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can browse our selection whenever you’re ready to outfit your home with new window coverings, whether that’s at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m.


  • Get the measuring and installation instructions you need fast.

Measuring your windows and installing blinds and shades may seem complicated, especially if you’ve never done it in the past. At Blindster, we know that many homeowners are reluctant to change their blinds and shades because of the perceived difficulties of this essential step, but we also know that having the right information at your fingertips can make the process a breeze. You can quickly and easily access and download the measuring and installation instructions for virtually all of the blinds and shades we offer even before you buy them, which means you can have the tools and equipment you’ll need on hand long before your new window coverings arrive.


  • Check out every color and pattern with the click of a button.

Getting the right color or pattern for your blinds and shades is crucial. When your window coverings match or complement your home’s furniture, style, and overall décor, the results look beautiful and help boost your home’s beauty and visual appeal. But when the colors or pattern don’t match, it can throw your entire home’s visual balance off-kilter. If you’re shopping for window treatments in a store, you may have access to only a single display color or a small swatch of colors. But when shopping at home, you can easily view every available color and compare it to other colors throughout your home to find the best options.


  • Order free samples of multiple products to help narrow down your choices.

For many homeowners, the biggest concern when it comes to purchasing window treatments online is their fear of buying the wrong blinds or shades due to not being able to see them in person. At Blindster, we understand that concern, and that’s why we allow our customers to order up to 10 free samples from any product in any category. Choose from our faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, Roman shades, roller shades, cellular shades, sheer shades, and more when you’re comparison shopping and trying to determine the best window treatments for your home. The samples are yours to keep and can help you make the right choice when you submit your order.


  • Instantly read thousands of reviews to help you make the right decision.

When you’re in a store browsing for window coverings, it can be difficult to tell if the blinds or shades you’re considering are as high-quality as they appear. Will the fabric fray after a couple of years? Will the paint or wood stain crack, chip, or fade? Will the lift mechanism break and become difficult to operate? In most cases, the sales associates won’t be much help, as you’ll need an unbiased opinion from someone who owns the product and installed it in their own home. Almost every window covering on our website has dozens of reviews from people who own the product and have first-hand experience with it, making it easy for you to read about other people’s experiences with the blinds or shades you’re thinking about buying.

Best Blinds for People with Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

Whether you’re looking to purchase blinds and shades to simply eliminate outside light, or you’re looking for window treatments that will complement your home’s décor, there’s a good chance you have a strict budget for this purchase. While the majority of blinds and shades are relatively inexpensive, the cost of outfitting an entire home or several rooms with new window coverings can add up.

At Blindster, we know that all of our customers have different needs and wants, both from a style and a budget perspective. While we always recommend our highest-quality window coverings for homeowners, they don’t always fit in everyone’s price range. Thankfully, there is a large variety of lower cost blinds and shades that feature all the elegance, style, features, and options you expect from more expensive options.

For recommendations on the best blinds and shades for your home that won’t break the bank, check out our list below:


No matter what room you install them in, wood blinds always convey elegance and classic charm. They’re also highly versatile from a décor standpoint, as they effortlessly complement almost any type of furniture, decorative color scheme, and window type. Our 2” Premium Wood Blinds are among our bestselling window coverings due to their affordable price and their natural wood grain beauty, and they’re available in 35 distinct colors, including Sugar Maple, Oak, and Pecan. In addition to their striking looks, these blinds are also highly effective at insulating your home during the winter and summer.

1 inch aluminum

Aluminum blinds are among the most commonly used window coverings in the world, and for good reason—they’re efficient at blocking out light and very affordable. Our 1” Aluminum Blinds feature a low-profile, minimalist design, and are available in 13 distinct colors, such as Porcelain, Snow, Brushed Aluminum, and Matte Black. Get them custom cut to fit windows up to 96” wide and 126” high and enjoy blinds that will last for years due with their baked enamel paint and scratch-resistant aluminum slats.

super value roman

The best way to describe our Super Value Roman Shades is luxury on a budget. Roman shades are traditionally one of the most elegant and eye-catching varieties of window coverings, and the cost can reflects that. However, this particular shade is affordable without sacrificing quality or appearance. Its thick fabric makes it ideal for insulating your home from the harsh temperatures during the winter and summer, which means it’s also highly effective at reducing your electricity bill and keeping your home at its most comfortable 364 days a year. Choose from nine unique colors when placing your order, including Pecan, Camel, and Burgundy.

room darkening roller

Shades designed to block out virtually all outside light are perfect for game rooms, home offices, nurseries, and bedrooms, but outfitting several rooms with blackout shades can sometimes stretch budgets. Our Deluxe Room Darkening Fabric Roller Shades are the ideal solution for homeowners who want the blackout effect from their shades, but have a strict budget for their window coverings. These shades are designed to block out between 90 and 99 percent of outside light depending on the color of the fabric you choose, which includes options like Ivory, Charcoal, and Chocolate.

deluxe top down

Who says options and features mean a hefty price tag? As the name suggests, our Deluxe Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades are jam packed with features. They are highly adaptable and perfect for rooms where you need both privacy and natural sunlight at the same time. Best of all, these features are available for these shades at no extra charge. With an insulating R-Value of 3.4 and ½-inch honeycomb construction, these shades are as effective at retaining cooled or heated air, as they are versatile in both form and function.

flat sheer shades

Due to their complex manufacturing process, sheer shades can be some of the most expensive window treatments on the market, but our Horizontal Flat Sheer Shades are designed to fit both your home and your budget. These window coverings combine the form and function of a roller shade with the versatility and light diffusing qualities of a sheer shade. Enjoy soft, beautiful, and filtered light in your home when the shades are open, and world-class light control and privacy when they are closed. In addition, you can also choose from colors that enhance the light filtering qualities, such as Natural, Grey, and Beige, as well as colors that enhance the blackout qualities, including Coffee, Brown, and Light Brown.

shades group A

Whether you’re searching for shades that are eco-friendly, stylish, or simply great at blocking out light, you can’t go wrong with our Deluxe Bamboo Shades Group A. Despite being one of our most inexpensive bamboo shades, this window covering lives up to its “deluxe” reputation. Its construction process utilizes real bamboo and reeds, while also offering a huge variety of colors to choose from, including Mirabella Tan, Franca Cherry, and Elisa Mahogany. Add a blackout liner for extra privacy and light control and custom order your bamboo shades to fit windows up to 96” wide and 120” high.

solar shades open

Shades aren’t always about blocking out the maximum amount of light. For many homeowners, they’re more about reducing glare without spoiling the view of the outdoors. If that’s your idea of the perfect shade, you’ll love our Deluxe Solar Shades 5% Open. Not only are these shades affordable for almost any budget, but they’re also capable of eliminating 95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. The open nature of these shades also means that you’ll still be able to enjoy the appearance of your outdoor areas, without harsh sunlight in your eyes. Get these shades custom cut to fit large windows up to 144” wide and 108” high, and choose from colors like White Linen, Brown Chocolate, and White Pearl when you place your order with Blindster.

Best Blinds for Your Kitchen

As home builders and recent home buyers can attest, the focal point of most new houses is no longer the living room or dining room—it’s the kitchen. It’s the place where meals and memories happen. Whether you’re hosting a holiday get-together, a family reunion, or a dinner party, chances are you and your guests will end up spending plenty of time in your kitchen.

Because of the increased focus on kitchens, many homeowners have opted to give those rooms the same decorative touch they give their bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. While the primary purpose of kitchens will always be preparing and preserving food, there’s nothing that says yours can’t be one of the most stylish rooms in your home—especially if you install the right window coverings.

If you’re looking to hang new blinds or shades in your kitchen, but don’t know where to start, check out Blindster’s recommendations below—and if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support representatives.

premium sheer

Kitchens are one of the primary rooms where many homeowners prefer ample natural lighting. If you like the look of a sunbathed kitchen in the morning to help get a jump-start on your day, you can’t go wrong with our 2” Premium Light Filtering Sheer Shades. Due to a manufacturing process that utilizes two layers of fabric sheers, these shades not only softly diffuse light and block up to 99 percent of UV rays, but they’re also highly effective at protecting your privacy when closed. Choose from 25 colors when placing your order, including Goldenrod, Wheat, Cloud, and Linen Ivory.

premium wood

Wood blinds are the perfect option for traditional, classic homes with the décor and style to match. The large slats of our 2 ½” Premium Wood Blinds look supremely elegant and preserve your view of the outdoors when open and are also highly effective at blocking out light and protecting your family’s privacy when closed. Custom order these shades to fit windows that are up to 84” wide and 96” high and make sure to browse our wide selection of colors, such as Verona, Cinnamon, and Sumatra.

premium bamboo

If you’re looking to make your home as eco-friendly as possible, you’ll love our Premium Bamboo Shades Group C. These shades are manufactured in the USA using real bamboo slats, grasses, and reeds to create a window covering that’s both stylish, natural, and effective at controlling the intensity and brightness of the light that enters your home. These shades are also highly versatile, with a wide range of options available when you place your order, including a privacy liner, a blackout liner, a top-down/bottom-up function, and a continuous cord loop option. Finally, enjoy a large range of wood stain colors, including Golden Grasses, Napa Valley, and Belmont-Walnut.

premium solar

At Blindster, we know that many homeowners want to preserve as much natural light as possible in their homes, while reducing heat, glare, and damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. Our Premium Solar Shades 3 Percent Open check all of those boxes and then some. Not only is this window covering one of our most elegant-looking shades, but it’s also one of our most popular due to its ability to filter natural light while preserving your view of the outdoors. Made with Phifer Sheerweave® 4400 and 2410 fabrics, it’s bacteria and fungus resistant, making it ideal for the occasional messes you may experience in your kitchen. Choose from several bold colors, including Charcoal, Pewter, and Granite.

premium roman

Transform your kitchen into the true showpiece of your home with our Premium Roman Shades Group C. A very elegant window covering, this shade is hand-crafted using the highest-quality fabric with a plain (flat with seams) or soft (hobbled) appearance depending on your preferences. This shade is available for custom fitting on windows up to 120” wide and 120” high. Features including a cordless or top-down/bottom-up function, as well as a deluxe 95 percent or premium 100 percent blackout liner allows for the ultimate in light control and privacy.

faux vertical

If your kitchen connects to your outdoor area, it can be difficult to find the right blinds or shades for your doors or windows. Our Faux Wood Vertical Blinds can cover a huge section of your kitchen—up to 129” wide and 129” long—while remaining incredibly easy to operate via a self-aligning wheeled carrier and self-lubricating parts. Their faux wood construction gives them the elegant appearance of real wood blinds, but with enhanced durability and an easier to clean surface. When ordering, choose between a wand or chain control and 16 unique colors, including Textured Maple, Textured Pearl White, and RealGrain Bamboo.


We know that some homeowners prefer window treatments that simply get the job done at a low cost, without drawing too much attention or becoming the focal point of the room. If you value function and simplicity over features and options, our 2” Aluminum Blinds may be the perfect choice for your kitchen. These window coverings feature large aluminum slats capable of blocking out the sun’s rays during the day, protecting your privacy at night, and letting in all the natural light you want when they’re opened. The baked enamel paint means they’re highly resistant to fading, and the heavy-duty aluminum used during manufacturing means they won’t bend or break easily.


On the flip side, if options and control over your shades are both must-haves on your list, you can’t go wrong with our Deluxe Cordless Day/Night Single Cellular Shades. The top shade has a filtering effect, allowing beautiful and diffused light into your kitchen, while the bottom shade is blackout, eliminating virtually all outside light. This gives you the ultimate control over your kitchen’s lighting and your family’s privacy. Enjoy the deluxe cordless system when operating this window covering and choose from distinct colors of soft fabric, including Cool White, Ivory Beige, Antique Linen, and Espresso.

Best Blinds for Your Garage

For many homeowners, garages aren’t just places to store their vehicles—they’re recreation rooms, DIY project stations, man caves, game rooms, home gyms, and even home offices. With all the varied purposes for garages, it’s no surprise that many homeowners view them more like additional rooms in their homes rather than simply storage areas for vehicles, tools, and things that just don’t have a place anywhere else.

No matter what purpose your garage serves, if you spend a lot of time in it, chances are you’ve dealt with bright sunlight that can be distracting at certain times of the day, as well as a lack of privacy and insulation. Purchasing window treatments for your garage is the perfect way to put the finishing touches on a room that you’re transforming from purely “utility” to “living space,” or to just make your garage a more comfortable place for your family to be regardless of the season or time of day.

For suggestions on finding the perfect blinds and shades that will complement any garage, check out Blindster’s tips below.

privacy aluminum blinds

Not everyone wants anything beyond a basic window covering for their garage. If that’s case for your family, our Privacy Aluminum Blinds may be the perfect option. These blinds are not only highly effective at blocking out sunlight and insulating your garage, but as the name might suggest, they’re also ideal for protecting your family’s privacy. By using a manufacturing process that eliminates visible holes from appearing anywhere in the blinds, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that there’s no visibility inside your garage from the road. When placing your order, be sure to check out our options of four distinct and unique colors, including White, Bone, Mocha, and Sage.

premium faux wood

If your garage is more of a man cave or a home office than a storage space, you may be looking for window treatments with a more upscale appearance that can also hold up to the elements. Our 2 ½” Premium Faux Wood Blinds are an inexpensive and durable option that not only look beautiful in any setting, but they’re also available in a huge range of sizes and options, making them perfect for garages with non-traditional sized windows. Choose from wood stain colors like Antique White Embossed, Smooth Birch, Smooth Natural and Smooth Cherry.

smooth pvc

Many garages have exceptionally large windows or sliding glass doors that can be difficult to cover with traditional window treatments. If that’s the case at your home, our Smooth PVC Vertical Blinds may be the ideal solution. These blinds are easily opened and closed using a chain/cord or optional wand and can also be fully opened with minimal force due to a self-lubricated track. Because they’re manufactured using PVC and aluminum, these blinds can stand up to harsh conditions and can also be cut to fit windows or doors that are more than 10 feet long and 10 feet wide. Choose from 11 different colors, such as Light Blue, Ivory, and Light Mint.

exterior solar shades

Because they’re often uninsulated, garages are exposed to extreme temperatures on a yearly basis. Our Exterior Solar Shades 10% Open are designed to be installed in outdoor areas such as porches and patios, but they’re also ideal for garages with large windows that can cause major fluctuations in temperature on a frequent basis. Our 10% open shades block 90 percent of UV light, while our 14% open and 5% open block 86 percent and 95 percent, respectively. Despite the differences in UV light blockage, all of our exterior solar shades preserve your view of the outdoors while increasing your privacy.

blackout solar shades 2

The ultimate in insulation, privacy, and UV light blockage, our Premium Solar Shades Blackout not only eliminate 100 percent of the sun’s rays from reaching the inside of your garage, but they also hold heat inside your garage during the winter and keep it out during the summer. Available in eight different colors, including Wheat, Mushroom, Graphite, and Onyx, these shades are bacteria and fungus-resistant and can be easily cleaned due to their matte appearance and lack of folds where dirt and dust can accumulate.

solar 3 percent

If preserving your view of the outside is your top priority in your garage, then our Premium Solar Shades 3% Open are the ideal window treatments for your home. When fully drawn, you will still have an unobstructed view of the outside with almost no reduction in visibility, but these shades will block 97 percent of the sun’s UV rays, protecting your furniture, vehicles, and your family. Like our Premium Solar Shades Blackout, these window coverings are also bacterial and fungal resistant, making them ideal for the potentially harsh conditions in your garage.

top down bottom up cellular

If you value options and features in your window treatments—including the ability to raise and lower them from the top and bottom—you’ll love our Deluxe Cordless Top-Down/Bottom-Up Cellular Shades. Made using a fabric that’s both soft and durable, these shades are ideal for families with small children and pets, as the lack of cord or chain makes them safe for all family members. In addition, their cellular manufacturing process also makes them ideal for insulating your garage during the winter and even reducing nearby sounds, such as construction or traffic noises.

day night shades

Our Deluxe Cordless Day/Night Single Cellular Shades are the ideal window coverings for your garage regardless of the time of day. Manufactured using two shades in one, the top shade is light filtering and designed to protect your privacy while allowing ample light into your home or garage, while the bottom shade is a blackout and designed to eliminate virtually all sunlight. The double-layer of shades also means these window coverings are highly effective at insulating any room where they’re installed, which means a warmer garage in the winter and a cooler garage in the summer.