Roller Window Shades Mean You Never Buy Shades Again

Along with bell-bottoms, disco balls, orange shag carpeting, and avocado green appliances, roller window shades come straight out of the 1970s.

Thank goodness all the rest of those things stayed in that decade, right? Or would you like to see bell-bottoms and disco balls make a comeback?

Well, one thing is for certain: roller shades are still in style and will be for a long time.
What makes them so popular and long-lasting?

Let’s take a look.

Top 7 Benefits of Roller Window Shades

For many consumers, this is what makes them such an attractive option – even in 2014:

1. Make for a beautiful decoration – With other blinds, you get horizontal slats. They’re often attractive, but not as gorgeous as some of the unique designs you get with roller shades. You can get opaque patterns, floral designs, and even abstract designs that fit perfectly with the look of any modern home.

2. Safe for pets and children – You pull them down by hand. No cords necessary. You’re guaranteed your pets and children won’t hurt themselves on roller window shades. But, you might have to protect these shades from them!

3. Durable – Even though your pets and children may bump into them on occasion, roller shades hold up quite well to many impacts. You do have to make sure they’re high-quality though. Buy a cheaply made brand, and you still have to replace them frequently.

4. Easy to clean – You don’t have dozens of slats to wash. Nope. Instead, you simply pull them down and vacuum.

5. Protect your privacy – They don’t have any holes where lift cords route through. In fact, you can even get a blackout option that blocks out 99% of all light.

Now that’s private!

6. Effortless operation – Blinds with lift cords get a little annoying to operate, don’t they? You try to lift them up, but then the lift cord doesn’t get caught on the catch. So they fall a little more than you like.

Then, when you want to let them down, sometimes you don’t pull the lift cord out at a far enough angle. The cords again get caught on the catch. Frustrating!
With roller shades, you simply pull them down. When you want to raise them, tug gently and let them go.

7. Conserve energy – All blinds do this to one degree or another. However, you can get solar roller shades designed specifically to reduce light and heat.

Is Never Buying Shades Again a Reality?

It is if you buy roller window shades. As long as they don’t sustain huge impacts, like footballs or toys hitting them, they will at the very least last you a long, long time.

5 Best Privacy Blinds & Shades

Some blinds work well for energy efficiency. Others are meant more for decoration. Still others are best for safety and convenient, easy operation.

So, which work best for protecting your privacy? Here are some of your top choices:

2 Premium Faux Wood Blinds

1. Most Popular – 2” Premium Faux Wood Blinds

With a 4 ½ (out of 5) star rating, and 110 reviews, these are our most popular privacy blind of all. You can get them with a “routeless” option, which means the lift cords run through small notches on the outside of the slats. So there are no holes outsiders can peek through, which guarantees you maximum privacy.

They look like real wood, but one of their huge additional benefits is they’re more durable, resistant to moisture, and easier to clean than wood blinds. Plus, they have the highest possible rating for long-term heat and light exposure. They’re also fade and warp resistant.

2 Premium Wood Blinds

2. 2” Premium Wood Blinds

These are one of our best sellers. Like the faux wood blinds, they’re also routeless. But, they have that beautiful wooden look, and that’s the main reason why you’d buy these privacy blinds over any other.

There is a special UV inhibitor that protects against fading and warping. For all horizontal blinds, wood is also the best natural insulator. So that’s a nice bonus to have.

1 Privacy Aluminum Blinds

3. 1” Privacy Aluminum Blinds

While they’re not routeless, the cord holes disappear when you close these blinds. They also conform with CPSC child safety guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your children or pets.

Reviewer “mlellis2” calls them the “absolutely highest quality and provide good privacy.” They also have a baked enamel finish which resists chipping and fading.

2 Vintage Wood Blinds – New Product!

4. 2” Vintage Wood Blinds – New Product!

These privacy blinds have a rich vintage finish that makes the wood appear much darker than other wood blinds. You get a much more classic look – one that might match furniture in your bedroom or dining room.

Like all other wood blinds, they’re a great natural insulator and also complies with CPSC guidelines.

2 Distressed Wood Blinds

5. 2” Distressed Wood Blinds

What’s different about these privacy blinds? They have a natural, rough-textured surface that looks much more like real wood. Remember, we let you choose up to 10 free samples, so that may be a good way to get a feel for what they’re really like.

And they come with all the benefits you get with all our other wood blinds:

• Great natural insulator
• UV inhibitor that protects against fading and warping
• Safe for pets and children – adheres to CPSC safety guidelines

So if you want privacy – those are some great options. We also have a whole category of no holes/privacy blinds and shades you can feel free to browse if you’d like.

How to Order Custom Blinds with Blindster’s Free Tool

Wow, buying blinds is much more difficult than you imagined at first, right? Who thought you could get so many different blinds for numerous reasons?

You can get them to darken your room, black it out almost entirely, just to decorate, or even to optimize your energy efficiency. Then you have to choose the color, and maybe customize the valance and headrail too.

And that’s just the beginning of the list! It’s tiring just to talk about…

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way to make the process of buying blinds so much easier? After all, you might forget to think of some features you want your blinds to have.

And since you’re buying online, you don’t necessarily have a sales associate standing right next to you the entire time.

But keep in mind, that at Blindster, we do have “Live Chat” support to help you with anything as you browse our website. You simply click the link for it at the top left of any page as you browse our website.

Blindster’s Customize Your Own Blinds Tool Makes Buying the Blinds You Want Easy

You can find this tool for every product on our website. Here’s where you go:

Blindster’s Customize Your Own Blinds Tool-1

Once you click that button, our customize your blinds tool comes up. In this case, we’re using the 2” Premium Wood Blinds as an example:

Customize Your Own Blinds Tool -2

As you change each option, you’ll get updated pricing (if applicable). For each one, you have a small question mark inside of a blue circle. If you hold your mouse over each of those, you’ll get more information about the option.

For the “Mount” option, for example, you learn about the two types of mounts – inside and outside. You also get a graphic that shows how each of these mounting options looks when in use.

And for certain options, you also get a list of sub-options. For example, if you choose the “Headrail” option, and then change to the “3 on 1 Headrail” option, this comes up:

Customize Your Own Blinds Tool -3

Then you can customize how each of the split sections of the headrail works. Some options, if you need them, are free (like hold downs and spacer blocks). This is all indicated within each option as you choose it.

Finally, in the upper right of the customize your blinds tool, you can customize the quantity you need, mark the location of your blinds, and also write some meaningful personal notes if needed.

Getting your own custom blinds online can be difficult – but it’s a cinch at Blindster.

And remember, if you have any questions, you can always use the “Live Chat” link at the top left of any page or call our exceptionally helpful customer service team at 888-256-8672 (M-F 8-5 CST).

What are the Best Custom Window Treatments?

Our selection of blinds and shades seems so overwhelming at first! You can choose from horizontal blinds, cellular shades, bamboo shades, Roman shades, and so many more.

Then you can customize them with many features like:

•Cordless operation options
•No holes
•Weather resistance
•Room darkening/blackout

Wow, how exhausting! It’s hard to make a choice when you have so many decisions to make.

So to help you, we’ve compiled this list of some of our most popular blinds and shades, and their features. Once you see what other people like, then it’s easy to see what makes sense for your own home.

Some of Our Most Popular Blinds, Shades, and Features

Here they are, according to the number and strength of the reviews customers like you have given:

1. Deluxe Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up Cellular Shades
With more than 101 reviews and a 4 ½ (out of 5) star rating, these shades are far and away the most popular shade we offer. Their cordless feature makes them easy to operate and perfectly safe for homes with pets and children. Lower the top to let in light but maintain privacy or raise the bottom to open the shade completely. Customers love how simple they are to install – you can do that in just 5 minutes! And while all our blinds are affordable, these suit just about any budget well.

Deluxe Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

2. 2” Deluxe Faux Wood Blinds
With an astounding 282 reviews and a 4 ½ (out of 5) star rating, our faux wood blinds mesmerize many customers just like you. Just like our other blinds, they’re a cinch to install.
Reviewer “Drubino71” thinks they’re a “hit” because they’re better than vinyl blinds, and cost much less than anything comparable at Lowes or Home Depot. They have a great appearance that mimics real wood, and the durability and resistance to moisture that real wood does not have.
They also fit literally any budget, as their one of our most affordably priced options.
Plus, they’re easy to clean!

Top Feature Premium Light Filtering Double Cellular Honeycomb Shades

3. Top Feature: Premium Light Filtering Double Cellular (Honeycomb) Shades
With more than 92 reviews and a 4 ½ star (out of 5) rating, these shades make many customers happy.
What’s so great about them?

They’re awesome for insulating your home (they have an R-value of 4.6), and they block 99% of all UV light that attempts to enter! Like all other shades and blinds we sell, they’re a snap to install.

Customers adore their beautiful, non-woven, 100% polyester fabric appearance. No visible cord holes ensure maximum privacy. During the day, they tuck up nicely so you can get the view you want. They also fully comply with CPSC child safety standards – making them completely safe for your pets and children.

Premium Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades 603

Those are some of our most popular blinds and shades – which of them works best for your individual needs?

How to Choose Pet and Child Safe Blinds

Did you know the US Consumer Product Safety Commission says window coverings with cords are 1 of the top 5 hazards in your home?

“Almost once a month,” it continues in its report ”A child between 7 months and 10 years old dies from window cord strangulation and another child suffers a near strangulation.”

It’s amazing when you think about it that way, isn’t it? So, should we all stop using window coverings with cords?

The answer mostly depends on when your window coverings were manufactured. Almost all of the strangulation incidents occur because the child has access to window coverings made before 2000. The first recommendation of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is to buy new window coverings if what you have in your windows was manufactured before 2001.

Since 2000, there have been many changes to the way we make window coverings that minimize the choking hazard. The most common way that a child can strangle himself with cords on a horizontal blind (most common window covering in the U.S.) is to pull the lift cords out from between 2 slats in the blind, creating a loop that is large enough to allow the child to stick his head inside the loop. As a result, a significant change was made to the way horizontal blinds are made: There is now a stop placed on the lift cords, just below the headrail (metal piece at the top the holds all the mechanisms). This stop prevents the cords from being pulled out from the bottom of the blind.

Other significant regulated changes have also been put in place:

• Warning labels are attached to all corded window coverings
• All lift cords are restricted in some way (varies by product but similar to the changes made with horizontal blinds) so that a loop cannot be formed that is large enough for a child’s head.
• Cord cleats are available with all corded window coverings (upon request). Cord cleats are used to secure the cords when the shade is stationary.

Cord cleats

• Marketing campaigns have made consumers much more aware of the hazard.

So, are corded blinds safe in your home if you have children? We certainly believe so and all of our products conform to the current U. S. regulations but there still is a small risk with any type of corded blind or shade. In honor of October, Child Safety Month, it’s our goal to show you what you can do to eliminate this small risk by selecting products that eliminate or minimize cords.

Best Pet and Child Safe Blinds

Here are some ideas for blinds and shades to use in your home:

Cordless: All you do is gently push them up or pull them down using the bottom of the shade to operate them. These blinds and shades will not have lift cords that hang down from the blind/shade – practically guaranteeing the safety of your pets and children. Most of these products still have lift cords that run down through the slats or fabric of the blinds, sometimes visible and sometimes not:
– Cellular Shades have the cords concealed between 2 pieces of fabrics
– Roller shades with the cordless system do not have cords at all
– Roman shades have cords that run down the back of the shade.

Top-down/bottom-up: Many, but not all of these blinds also come with a cordless top down/bottom up option.

Motor-Operated: Yes, your blinds can be operated just as easily as your TV. You simply use a remote control to operate your blinds. Motors and remotes can get a little pricey but some of the more economical motor options are:
– Cellular shades and roller shades can be lifted with a motor.
– Horizontal blinds can be tilted with a reasonably-priced motor but motors that lift horizontal blinds are fairly expensive.

• Continuous Cord Loop: We don’t have a special section for these blinds. But many of our choices, like our Cellular Shades, Roman Shades and Pleated Shades, have a continuous cord loop designed especially for your children’s safety. The cords always stay the same length, regardless of their position. A tension device holds the bottom of this cord in place so that there is no room to insert a child’s head through the loop.

Continuous Cord Loop

You Can Never be Too Careful with your Child’s Safety!

So those are some ideas for child and pet-safe blinds.

• Replace all of your older window coverings as soon as possible
• Install your blinds according to the instructions, using all safety options: cord tension devices (Continuous Cord Loop), cord cleats, etc.
• With corded blinds, you can use a cord cleat to secure the lift cords or cut them shorter (be sure the blind is fully lowered when you do this) so that they are not as accessible to children.
• Options like cordless lift systems and motorization also minimize the risk. But some of these options will add to the cost of your new window coverings.

Most of all, teach your children to safely use all your window coverings. Make sure to position cribs and play pens so that the blinds’ cords are not reachable (even when/if they climb).