10 Easy DIY Projects for Your Home

10 Easy DIY Projects for Your Home

If you’ve ever wanted to spruce up the appearance and versatility of your home but were put off by the hours of work and technical know-how that goes into most DIY projects, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only are the following DIY projects fun and easy, but they’re also inexpensive and can be done in a weekend or less. Best of all, you get a sense of satisfaction and the feeling of a job well done when you step back and admire your work. 

Key holder using old keys

Build a key holder using old keys.

If you’ve ever misplaced your keys, you know how frustrating it can be to find them—especially when you’re running late. Many people solve this issue by hanging a key holder next to their doors to place their keys as soon as they arrive home, but making one from scratch is simple, easy, and brings a lot of charm to your entryway.

To create your own key holder, get a small block of distressed wood from an old plank that’s smooth on one side. Then, get four or five old keys that you no longer use, bend the ends upward with a pair pliers, and nail them to the front of the piece of wood. When you hang the board on the wall, your old keys will be ready to hold your new keys and keychains.

Faux copper bakcsplash in the kitchen

Create a faux copper backsplash.

Have you always admired the look of a copper backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms but don’t have the money or technical know-how to create one yourself? Well, it’s easy to create one without any sanding or caulking. Instead, just purchase a roll of copper backsplash paper, cut it to size, and adhere it to the wall like wallpaper using a base coat of paint, water, and water-based polyurethane. You’ll have the beautiful look of a metal backsplash for a fraction of the cost.

Make a tire swing for your backyard

Make a tire swing for your backyard.

Whether you have young kids or just want to add a touch of retro charm to your yard, a tire swing is a great weekend project—and all you need is an old tire, a chain, some eye-bolts, a swivel, and some S-hooks. To get started, pick out a tire that is the right size for sitting and swinging—you don’t want one that’s too big or too small.

Then, drill three holes into the tire that are equal distances apart and insert the eye-bolts. Make sure to use a washer and nut to get the tightest fit possible for the eye-bolts. Once they’re attached, hook S-hooks into each eye-bolt and squeeze them shut with a pair of pliers. Then, attach chains to each S-hook to reach the desired length, and attach three more S-hooks at the end of each chain.

Finally, hang a long chain over a solid tree branch and connect both ends using a connector link, which will then attach to the swivel. Once that is complete, attach the S-links from all three eye-holes on the tire to the swivel and close the loops with pliers to complete your tire swing.

Pullout cutting board

Make a pullout cutting board.

If you have an unused drawer in your kitchen, convert it to a pullout cutting board. This incredibly easy project requires only a smooth wooden board the length and width of your opened drawer. Once you have the right-sized board, simply place it or adhere it to the inside of the drawer using hot glue. To make this DIY project even more convenient, cut matching medium-sized holes at the end of the board and drawer. Then, with a trash can placed underneath, you can quickly and easily dispose of any remnants from your food preparation process.

Eye-catching shelves using an unused door

Build eye-catching shelves using an unused door.

Old doors may not serve much purpose in your home right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t convert them to a conversation starter. To create shelves out of an unused door, either paint or stain it to get a desired color.

Then, using a table saw, cut the door in half vertically. After you’ve sanded down the rough edges, place one-quarter circular shelves between each half of the door and secure them in place. To complete the unit, simply place it into an unused corner of your home and secure it to the wall.

Create wall hooks with polished stones

Create wall hooks with polished stones.

To create beautiful wall hooks for your entryway, bathroom, or kitchen, use polished stones or rocks. All you need is a small block of wood and a small screw or washer to adhere to the back of the stone. With the stone attached to the block of wood, hang each block on your bathroom wall to hold towels or in your entryway to hold hats, scarves, jackets, and other essential items.

scarf hanger

Make a scarf hanger.

If you have a collection of scarves, an easy way to store them is to create your own hanger. Simply use a standard clothes hanger and attach shower curtain rings to the horizontal plastic at the bottom. Then, thread your scarves through the rings and place the hanger at the front of your closet for easy access to your entire collection during the cold winter months.

Make your own coffee candles

Make your own coffee candles.

To fill your house with the aroma of coffee—even when you’re not in the mood to drink it—fill a small bowl with coffee beans. In the center, place a small tea light candle. When it’s lit, the candle will eventually heat up the coffee beans and make your home smell like your favorite coffee shop.

bamboo-inspired planter and candle holder

Create a bamboo-inspired planter and candle holder.

To create an easy and eye-catching planter or candle holder, use an empty and cleaned out can of tuna or chicken. Then, attach wooden clothes pins around the inside of the can. This creates a unique bamboo-like look that’s perfect for small potted plants or candles in outdoor areas.

entryway tables out of spare wood

Build entryway tables out of spare wood.

This may be the easiest DIY project of all—no tools required! To get started, just acquire a few solid logs of wood that are table height. You can even use any you find in your yard. Then, seal them with a quality wood sealer and stand them up vertically in your entryway. They’re the perfect size to store small items like important pieces of outgoing mail, sunglasses, and other items you need when you’re headed out the door.